ZTE Nubia Z18 Design, Specs, Release Date, Review and More


One of the smartphone companies, ZTE this time reportedly secretly working on the latest smartphone. The latest smartphone will pack a full-screen design with high screen aspect ratio and will be named Nubia Z18.

Then what exactly is the difference between Nubia Z18 and its predecessor series? What’s the difference with other new smartphones that come full screen? All these questions seem to be answered through a leak that is widely circulated on Weibo. In the leak, tersbeut reveals the design of Nubia Z18  which shows a picture sketch with full-screen design (full-screen design) as well as the current model smartphone.

Leaving the full screen, there is a little surprising from this Nubia smartphone that looks a bit like Sharp Aquos S2. It appears that the top only leaves notch (small indentation) for front camera holes and also appears if this smartphone applying thin bezel on the left and right.

But that makes the difference with the Sharp Aquos 2 that is on the Home physical button in the bottom bezel. On the latest smartphone, Nubia users will not find any of these physical buttons. While the sensor fingerprint (proximity sensor) and other sensors can be found on the screen. Thus, the ratio of screens owned by Nubia Z18 is much greater when compared with the average flagship currently available. But since the leak is not revealed where the location of the flashlight and microphone holes will be placed. But clearly, this latest Nubia smartphone will use a three-stage antenna design.

Apparently, it’s a smartphone Nubia Z18, which will receive a full-screen display, a Snapdragon 845 processor and 8 GB of RAM. By the way, similar volumes of RAM for Nubia are not a curiosity: last year, limited versions of Nubia Z17 and Nubia Z17S came out with such RAM volumes.

On the photo published on the social network, Weibo captured an unknown screen smartphone, which launched a mobile game King of Glory from the studio Tencent Games, extremely popular in China. In appearance, it is difficult to understand what kind of smartphone in the image: last year’s Nubia Z17S or nevertheless the new Nubia Z18.
Since the Nubia Z17 was announced in the middle of last year, the announcement of the Nubia Z18 is expected around the same time.


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