Xiaomi Mitu Track Building Block Electric Train Set Design, Features Review

Xiaomi Mitu Track Building Block Electric Train Set Design, Features Review


Children-flowers of life! This folk non-Chinese wisdom was recalled by the Xiaomi company and immediately launched a new Xiaomi Mitu Track Building Block Electric Train SetThe toy is a mini-railway with a bridge, a station and even a move and a dead end. Material – natural eucalyptus, exported to Europe, absolutely safe and non-toxic. The designer has passed more than 80 different tests and proved his high quality and hypoallergenicity.

Design & Features

Whatever it was, but the quality of the designer is extremely high.  The toys in the package are made using European class A eucalyptus wood and covered with paint to protect against environmental influences. During the production process, 80 strict quality control processes were carried out, and as a result, a high-quality, safe, game-friendly designer.

The kit contains about 63 parts, including the locomotive itself with wagons, railways, bridges, imitation of mountains and trees and much more. The design is relatively simple, but the entire set is very bright – it is devised specifically for the development of children’s color and aesthetic perception. In addition, the designer can be transformed in every possible way, which also contributes to the development of thinking, creativity, and imagination of the child in the game form. The train cars are connected by means of magnets – they can be combined at their discretion.

Different lifting mechanisms and imitation of the loader will also develop coordination and fine motor skills. And in the end, that the children did not say all their lives – “Heavy childhood, wooden toys”, the locomotive himself was equipped with an electric motor.

By simply pressing the “On” or push the train begins to move, and with the click “Off” it can be stopped. Tracks can be arranged in different styles to create the desired scenes. From the loading bay that can be used to load the load onto the train car, it rotates 360 degrees.


The Xiaomi Mitu Track Building Block Electric Train Set is compact and delicate.You can’t help having fun with it. It will help you get rid of stress and anxiety. its available on Geekbuying at $113.99


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