Xiaomi Mijia S700 Electric Shaver Design, Features, Review

Xiaomi Mijia S700 Electric Shaver Design, Features, Review


Today Mijia released the Mijia Electric Shaver S700, as a flagship razor product, Mijia Electric Razor S700 for the very first time making use of zirconia ceramic head, has been on-line Xiaomi Mall, market price 499 yuan.

According to the report, Mijia electrical razor S700 ceramic head was positioned in solid acid as well as alkali constant immersion 360 mins, no considerable changes in the chemical structure, in the real use the procedure, the head encounter water, shaving foam or cleaning agent, will certainly not be easily rusted, the skin treatment level is high. The Mijia electrical razor S700 still has no substantial deterioration after 240 hrs of normal procedure, so if the individual uses it for 2 minutes a day, it might last at least 19 years.

On top of that, the S700 ceramic head using a special mold and mildew and also structural style, has even more than the general ceramic high sturdiness, high bending strength, high influence stamina and high abrasion resistance, the procedure of everyday use, challenging to break.

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IT Residence found out that the Mijia electrical razor S700 is Mijia’s first razor geared up with high-end direct-drive brushless motor, the application of direct-drive brushless low-noise motor considerably improves the life span of the product, can instantaneously complete the ruptured start, cutting even more efficiently and also efficiently, using the process does not need to be repeated several times. On top of that, the direct-drive brushless motor has an integral low-noise feature compared to various other motors.


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