Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition 2 is for Crowdfunding at 2,199 yuan

Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition 2 is for Crowdfunding at 2,199 yuan


The Xiaomi Mijia Projector Young people Edition 2 will start crowdfunding on Xiaomi Shopping mall tomorrow (September 2) at 10 am. The crowdfunding cost is 2,199 yuan as well as the retail price is 2,599 yuan.

During the crowdfunding duration, individuals who bought Mijia Projector Young people Version 2 were provided a projector desktop computer stand worth 49 yuan. Gift circulation time: from September 23, 2020. Mijia Projector Young people Edition 2 proceeds the beautiful upright body of 11.5 centimeters × 15cm × 15cm, as well as the front is made of fabric product, which is as stunning as a masterpiece. The web weight is just 1.3 kg as well as can be quickly taken with one hand.

Custom-designed cupboard volume and matching caliber, integrated framework of huge sound cavity, and ultra-long sound tube, linked to Bluetooth, can be utilized as your high-quality desktop computer cordless speaker. With 1920 × 1080 full high-definition (1080P) display resolution, a 40-200 inch gigantic screen can be easily predicted by readjusting the range. Enjoying films, paying attention to shows, playing video games, one wall surface is all done.

Compared to the traditional three-channel LED estimate, Mijia Projector Young people Version 2 adds a blue light, the illumination reaches 460 ANSI lumens, the NTSC shade gamut is higher than 85%, and also it sustains HDR10 decoding to bring more sensible shades.

Mijia Projector Young people Edition 2 uses the principle of diffuse reflection for imaging, which is various from the straight light of typical LCD Televisions. The projection light goes into the human eye through diffuse reflection, and also it is less most likely to create eye fatigue.

Mijia Projector Youth Edition 2 supports the side forecast feature, which can be corrected by ± 450 trapezoid for left, right, up, as well as down. It is put alongside you, as well as there is also a Zhouzheng picture, which is aesthetically undisturbed.

Mijia Projector Youth Edition 2 is furnished with two highly delicate microphones, combined with anti-noise acknowledgment technology as well as wake-up technology, as well as special voices for estimate scenes are particularly customized to make sure that Xiao Ai can react quickly.

Deeply linked with Mijia loT, the projector can instantly shut off the lights/curtains when it is turned on, producing a wise viewing atmosphere. The video clip doorbell can additionally be connected. When someone sounds the doorbell, the buzzer video is instantly used the projection.

It makes use of the very same MIUl for TV system as Xiaomi TV, which includes the substantial video sources of Xiaomi Video clip. The smart MIUI for TV can recommend tailored material based upon your watching routines.

The Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Version 2 is geared up with 1 HDMI 2.0 port, 1 USB2.0 port, 1 headphone port, sustains 4K picture input (1080P playback), can match hard drive, video game console, microphone, etc., to satisfy varied home entertainment needs.


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