Xiaomi MIJia C1 Fresh Air Ventilator Officially Released at 999 yuan, $166

Xiaomi MIJia C1 Fresh Air Ventilator Officially Released at 999 yuan, $166


Today, Xiaomi has brought a new home product-Mijia C1 Fresh Air Ventilator, which is specially designed for small houses, small size, large air volume, convenient installation, double centrifugal fan, very low wind noise, and soft air intake, the price is 999 yuan,$166, 300+ city free home installation.

MIJia C1 Fresh Air Ventilator body is small and exquisite, 13cm ultra-thin body, aperture is only 75mm, its installation only needs four screws, very convenient and simple, do not hurt the decoration. It Occupies the wall area only 0.16 square meters.

It has a pure air volume of 80m /h, the applicable area is less than 28.6 square meters, and the 25 flat master bedroom can be ventilated once an hour. Multiple filtration purifies the air entering the room to make the indoor air pressure becoming higher and forming a micro positive pressure. The air circulation continuously dilutes the harmful gases such as formaldehyde, PM2.5 and carbon dioxide in the room, and it is discharged through the room gap instead of opening the window for ventilation.

Xiaomi MIJia C1 Fresh Air Ventilator has double centrifugal fan design, strong air supply, energy saving, 1 level continuous operation for 24 hours, only consuming 0.12 degrees of electricity. In cold weather, it can also turn on the electric auxiliary heat and heat the cold air outside. Users can also remotely set daily use scenarios through Mijia APP, supporting Voice control of Xiaomi AI students, and can also interact with other smart homes of Mijia.


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