Xiaomi Mid-Year Sale Enjoys big Discounts at @GeekBuying

Xiaomi Mid-Year Sale Enjoys big Discounts at @GeekBuying


This time I will introduce the Xiaomi Mid-Year sale held by GeekBuying shop worldwide. There are many brands of Chinese smartphone/tablet, but I think that Xiaomi is one of the most famous brands among them. There are many attractive products, so I definitely want to check it up. Since Xiaomi products are popular, they are subject to sale from time to time on international mail order sites. This time it will be a Mid Year sale at GeekBuying. The period seems to be around 2017/07/25 (I did not know the exact end time). In addition to smartphones and tablets, this sale also covers home appliances such as robot vacuum cleaners. This time I would like to introduce mainly smartphones with high demand. For details on how to purchase with GeekBuying, please see below.

Sale target smartphone

It is the smartphone that is the only eyeball of Xiaomi’s sale. Six models are featured as the main feature of this sale.

Mi Max 2 – 6.44 inch / 4 GB RAM / 64 GB ROM

The Mi Max series is the largest display size among Xiaomi smartphones. I think that it belongs to the category called a family let between a smartphone and a tablet. The middle class is adopted as the CPU, and the second generation Mi Max 2 adopts Snapdragon 625. It is a smartphone whose features are not so large except for a large display but is there a certain demand for products with large displays, or a smartphone that is sometimes targeted for sale.

Redmi 4X – 5.0 inch / 3 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM

The Redmi series has a 5-inch display unmarked Redmi series and a 5.5 inch Redmi Note series. In addition to the display size, the Redmi Note series also tend to use better CPUs. Redmi 4X is a compact 5-inch smartphone. Because the CPU has Snapdragon 435 for low cost, it can not expect much from the processing capacity, but the battery seems to be easy to use because there is 4100 mAh as well.

Redmi Note 4 – 5.5 in / 3 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM

It is Redmi Note 4 on the site of GeekBuying, but since CPU is Snapdragon, I think that it is generally a model equivalent to Redmi Note 4X (Redmi Note 4 has a model that adopts MediaTek Helio X 20 for CPU). This model probably has the best cost performance at the present time and I think that it is one of the recommended Chinese smartphones. The predecessor of Redmi Note 3 Pro is a model called prison machine in part due to the abundance of price · performance · battery · custom ROM. This Redmi Note 4X will be the successor to that Redmi Note 3 Pro. If you would like to try Chinese smartphone, you will not mistake if you buy this Redmi Note 4X.

Mi 6 – 5.15 in / 6 GB RAM / 128 GB ROM

Mi 6 will be a high-end model just launched the other day. Mi 6 has a storage size of 64 GB and a 128 GB model, and this time the sale is picked up by the 128 GB model. The CPU adopts the newest Snapdragon 835, and features such as dual SIM, dual camera, fingerprint sensor, NFC, and so on, are in full bloom. Speaking of weaknesses, there are places where microSD cards can not be used, but I think that there is nothing to worry if there is no built in 128GB of built-in microSD. The price has also dropped considerably since the launch, so it got a good deal of bargain soon.

Redmi 4 A – 5 inch / 2 GB RAM / 32 GB ROM

Redmi 4 A is a model that further reduced the cost of Redmi 4 X. The CPU has been downgraded to Snapdragon 425, and the RAM has also been reduced to 2 GB. The price is also cheap correspondingly, but if you want to enjoy Chinese smartphone honestly, we recommend a model with a slightly higher performance.

Other products

In addition to smartphones, there are products targeted for sale so we will introduce recommended items.

Tablet: Mi Pad 3 – 7.9 in / 4 GB RAM / 64 GB ROM

Xiaomi tablet has only Mi Pad series. The latest model of Mi Pad is Mi Pad 3. The size and display are almost the same as the predecessor Mi Pad 2, but the big change was that the CPU became MediaTek MT 8176. As far as I used it felt that Mi Pad 3 was quick to operate and battery-carrying was pretty good. Thanks to CPU becoming MediaTek, we can not use Windows, but Android is easier to use as a tablet, so I think that there is no problem. Although it is a little expensive, it is a product we recommend as an Android tablet.

Notebook PC: Mi Notebook Air 13 – 13.3 in / 8 GB RAM / 256 GB ROM

Xiaomi also releases notebook PCs. The notebook PC has a compact, lightweight 12.5-inch model Mi Air 12 and a sophisticated 13.3-inch model Mi Air 13. In addition, for each model CPU has a 6th generation Core processor and 7th generation Core processor is equipped with a model. In this sale, the most inexpensive model among 13 inch Mi Notebook Air 13 is a sale. In this model, CPU has Core i5-6200U of the 6th generation Core processor. If we can tolerate the weight of 1.28 kg, we recommend Mi Notebook Air 13, which has a lot of memory (weight is 1.07 kg for Mi Notebook Air 12).

Activity Tracker: Mi Band 2

The last activity to introduce is activity tracker Mi Band 2. This activity tracker features such as a pedometer, a sleep monitor, a heart rate monitor, etc. while the price is less than $24.99!. I am sorry to say that the smartphone application for controlling is only English, but I think the cost performance is very good.


This time I introduced the Xiaomi Mid-Year sale held at GeekBuying. Xiaomi brand products are popular items among Chinese gadgets. Actually using it, the cost performance is only amazing. Since Xiaomi’s products are also well suited for Chinese gadget debut as Japanese language information, please check the first one by all means.


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