Xiaomi MI6 Smartphone Some Issues Happened like ‘Restart Door’

Xiaomi MI6 Smartphone Some Issues Happened like ‘Restart Door’


There is a new wave of Xiaomi MI6 restart issue feedback in Xiaomi miui forum, when you open the first page about Bug Feedback in the forum, it is all about the question of Xiaomi MI6 Restart, which has been doubted the quality of this Snapdragon 835 RAM 6GB four curved screen smartphone.

After Xiaomi MI6 starts to sell for a few days, there are different issues about Xiaomi MI6 dug out, the main issue is to restart, many users who bought Xiaomi MI6 have made the feedback in Xiaomi forum, Xiaomi MIUI forum, and other ways to find the solution, and other users take their phone to the after-sale center for checking to find the phone has the issue indeed, and the sellers agree to change the new one.

According to analysis, Xiaomi MI6 restart issue is relative to the Snapdragon 835 chipset, currently, during charging, there is Samsung Galaxy S8 also happening to restart. Someone said it should be the issue of processor, so Snapdragon 835 processor may face the risk of using low frequency.

Besides restarting issue, Xiaomi MI6 has other issues like WIFI disconnecting, the big gap of the phone, so when Xiaomi MI6 released just now, it has lead to so many serious problems, which will make bad effect on Xiaomi mi6 sales. Of course, Snapdragon 835 smartphone restart issue will also affect Qualcomm a lot, so how will Xiaomi official react and solve? Stay tuned.

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