Xiaomi MI6 Real Geekbench Score and Price Unveils

Xiaomi MI6 Real Geekbench Score and Price Unveils


We have confirmed Xiaomi MI6 will be released on April 19, right now there is more news about Xiaomi MI6, according to Xiaomi official, Xiaomi MI6 will use Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, dual rear camera, and right now Xiaomi MI6 Geekbench score has also spotted.

According to Geekbench, Xiaomi MI6 will run MIUI 8 OS based on Android7.1.1 OS, powered by Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, 1.9GHz small core, 2.45Ghz big core, RAM 6GB.As for its performance score, it has got 2006 single core and 6438 multi-core,which belongs to the normal range of Snapdragon 835. Of course, Xiaomi MI6 standard version has RAM 4GB, and the advanced version has RAM 6GB.

Due to smartphone components cost increasing, it is possible that Xiaomi MI6 will enhance the price, so will Xiaomi MI6 Plus. According to @C digital cat, Xiaomi MI6 and Xiaomi MI6 Plus will have 5 versions, Xiaomi MI6 price has 2,199 yuan,$366, Xiaomi MI6 Plus will sell at least 2,699 yuan, $499 and Xiaomi MI6 Plus top version will be up to 3,699 yuan, $616, which is similar to Xiaomi MI MIX. Right now there are only one week left, are you ready for MI6?

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