Xiaomi MI6 Protective Case Cover First Shows its Real Design

Xiaomi MI6 Protective Case Cover First Shows its Real Design


Previously, we have known Xiaomi will hold press conference this month to release Xiaomi MI6 officially confirmed by Lei Jun. There is much rumor about Xiaomi MI6 before, but we have confirmed Xiaomi MI6 will be powered by Snapdragon 835 Quad core processor, dual rear camera and ceramic body, other news should belong to rumors.

Currently, a Chinese e-shop has started to sell Xiaomi MI6 protective case, which is the real mould, and hints on the design of Xiaomi MI6. According to the photo, Xiaomi MI6 adopts dual rear camera indeed, and it has removed the earphone jack, so previously, we have reported that Xiaomi MI6 will support waterproof function which is reliable.

The fingerprint scanner is quite interesting, from the rendering photos, Xiaomi MI6 will be equipped with the physical Home button. But it is said that Xiaomi MI6 will use fingerprint scanner similar to that of Huawei P10. So which way will Xiaomi MI6 take, stay tuned.

If there is no other issue, Xiaomi MI6 appearance has been confirmed like this. There is no other big surprise in my mind, so let’s see the price.

Just now, Xiaomi MI6 starts to support blind presale in JD this month, the price is a little unacceptable. According to netizens’ screenshot, Xiaomi MI6 white standard version sells at 3,599 yuan, $599. It’s a little reasonable that Xiaomi MI6  price has increased. But the price 3,599 yuan, $599 is really a little unreliable. So Xiaomi MI6 advanced version will sell at least 3,000 yuan, $500. Can you accept it?

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