Xiaomi MI6 New Renderings and Specs Unveil at GFXBench and

Xiaomi MI6 New Renderings and Specs Unveil at GFXBench and


Just now Xiaomi MI6 specs, performance suddenly appeared at GFXBench, its model is Sagit. According to GFXBench, Xiaomi MI6 specs is similar to previous leaked news. So it will have 5.1 inch 1080P screen, powered by Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, 2.4GHz and 2.2GHz, the former is standard frequency, the latter is lower frequency.

Xiaomi MI6 has RAM 4GB/6GB ROM 64GB/128GB internal storage, coming with 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, running Android7.1.1 OS which means Xiaomi MI6 will have advanced version and standard version, the standard version will be powered by Snapdragon 835 Octa core 2.4GHz (2.35GHz) processor, RAM 6GB ROM 128GB internal storage, the lower version will have Snapdragon 835 Octa core 2.2GHz(2.15GHz) processor, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage. The rear camera should come with two sensors at 12MP. There will be an 8MP front camera, and the Mi 6 should run on Android 7.1.1.

As for performance, GFXBench T-Rex based on OpenGL ES 2.0-based test, GFXBench 3.0 Manhattan and GFXBench 3.1 Manhattan has got 40.9FPS,60.7FPS, and 112.8FPS, which comply with the performance of Snapdragon 835, compared with Snapdragon 821, it has improved about 25% to 35%.

Mi phone codes have been used up twelve constellations.

Aries: Mi 2 / 2S
Taurus (Taurus): Mi 2A
Gemini: Mi 5
Cancer (Cancro): Mi 3/4
Leo (leo): Mi Note Top Version
Virgo (virgo): Mi Note
Libra (Libra): Mi 4C
Scorpio (Scorpio): Mi Note 2
Sagittarius (Sagittarius): Mi 6
Capricorn: Mi 5S
Aqua (Aqua): Mi 4S
Pisces (Pisces): Mi3 TD version

Now there is sets of Xiaomi mi6 high definition renderings unveiled, according to pictures, Xiaomi MI6 adopts dual glass material, fingerprint scanner on the Home button, and there is extra ports, it should be Iris recognition. On the back, it has parallel dual cameras, dual tone LED light outside the camera, there is curved streamline around the side edges, so it should have nice hands holding. This sets of renderings are similar to previous Xiaomi MI6 protective cases without earphone jack to support waterproof function.

The back of the parallel dual cameras, double color temperature flash design on the outside, curve excessive back shell edge to a certain extent, should feel good. In general, it should be Xiaomi MI6 appearance.

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