Xiaomi MI6 Full Review (Included Video)

Xiaomi MI6 Full Review (Included Video)


Yesterday, after waiting for 7 years, Xiaomi has finally released this Xiaomi MI6 smartphone, which is the first Chinese phone to use Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor. It has different versions, RAM 6GB/4GB ROM 64GB/128GB, built in 3350mAh battery. So how is this Xiaomi MI6? Let’s read this review to know more details before buying.


Xiaomi MI6 adopts four curved glass screen, the frame has stainless steel material, available for jet black, jet blue and jet while, and it also provides ceramic black prime version.

Xiaomi MI6 ceramic prime version has pure black color on the front design and pure black color on the ceramic back cover. Under the decent light, we can see Xiaomi MI6 ceramic prime version has decent holding feel.

Besides ultrasonic fingerprint scanner without opening ports, the front camera and receiver with speaker function on the front design, the unibody design defines the deep beauty.

Xiaomi MI6 adopts 5.15 inch 1080P screen, up to 600 nit brightness, low to 1 nitt brightness, its NTSC color saturation is up to 94.4%, in addition, it is an eye protection screen, which has got national certification, which can reduce the harm for your eyes in the long time use.


The front camera and receiver with speaker function

Xiaomi MI6 has same fingerprint scanner as Xiaomi MI5S, which is unibody without pressing. But it adopts capacitive fingerprint solution instead of ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, because Xiaomi MI5S uses ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.


On the back is a whole ceramic glass, four curved design, which is same as that of Xiaomi MI MIX Prime. The camera around of Xiaomi MI6 ceramic prime version adopts same 18K golden decoration as that of MI MIX Prime.

In addition, the ceramic black prime edition adopts mi logo in golden color, which is same as the camera with 18K golden.


Xiaomi MI6 is the first time to remove 3.5mm earphone jack, but its official sends you the adapter of USB Type C and 3.5mm earphone jack. But it is pity that it doesn’t send you USB Type c earphone for free.

The de-noising microphone and infrared remote control on the top are not easy to be discovered due to high gloss back stainless color.

On the left is SIM card slot.

On the right is power button and volume button.

Xiaomi MI6 power adapter adopts QC3.0 standard, supporting 18W quick charge technology, (9V/2A、12V/1.5A).


It has 4.2G RAM available

Xiaomi MI6 is powered by Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, based on Samsung 10nm processing. Snapdrragon 835 adopts Octa core processor, Kryo 280, 2.45GHz big core, 1.9GHz small core, Adreno 540 GPU, compared with last generation, it improves 25% performance, supporting 4K screen, UFS 2.1, dual rear camera and LPDDR4X four channel, integrated Cat.16 base.

According to Antutu CPU performance, Snapdragon 835 processor performance is between 60% to 100%, the overall load is between 50% to 100%.

In single core, CPU load can be up to 100%, running at full frame.

In Antutu test, Xiaomi MI6 has got up to 181,118 points, which has only 3,000 points away from iPhone 7 Plus. In terms of Antutu points, Snapdragon 835 processor can be the best rival of A10 Fusion SoC. According to image, in CPU, Snapdragon 835 performance is a little lower than A10 Fusion, but GPU performance is over A10 Fusion.

Geekbench GPU test

According to comparison result, Snapdragon 835 can beat the rivals in single core and multi-core test.

In PCMark test, Xiaomi MI6 has ranked the first, which is over others.


Xiaomi MI6 comes with 3350mAh battery, compared with Xiaomi MI5, 3,000mAh battery, its battery capacity has improved about 11%, We test it according to running the test, taking photos, etc.

According to the chart, Xiaomi MI6 consumes 4 hours 11 minutes from 81% to 35% power. almost taking 11% power in one hour. So we can calculate Xiaomi MI6 can be used in one day for heavy use.

About heat issue. after pressure test for a while, CPU with full loading, Xiaomi MI6 has reached 49℃,  we can feel the heat on our hands. Because it is ultimate test, if we test for daily use, this kind of heat issue will not happen.


Xiaomi MI6 uses dual 12MP back camera, one is for common wide viewing angle, the other is long-focus camera, which can support twice optical zooming, taking objects photos from long to near. It supports four axis OIS, built in gyroscope, and accelerometer, detecting eight direction jitter at high speed, compensating for jittering.

It has 8MP front camera, with 36 level smart beautification, which can recognize age and sex.

Xiaomi MI6 has rich photographing mode, panoramic,countdown, sound shutter, beautification, etc. HDR is put in the main interface. Rich modes will meet your different needs.  Let’s check its sample photos as follow.

In outdoor strong light, it can focus fast and accurately to take clear photos.

In indoor environment, Xiaomi MI6 has good performance without noise and blurring, thanks to four axis OIS. The image quality of mi6 is high.

Under micro distance, thanks to dual rear camera, Xiaomi MI6 has obvious background blurring.

At night, when the light is strong enough, Xiaomi MI6 has same performance as that of daylight, the image is quite clear, rich.

Under the ultimate low light, Xiaomi MI6 adjustment style tends to reduce the image brightness to get pure sample.


Xiaomi MI6 is quite amazing in terms of design, its hardware is quite powerful, until now, no Chinese smartphone can beat it. As for camera, its performance can compete with that of Huawei P10 or Huawei Mate 9. But the most competitive factor is the price, Xiaomi MI6 only sells at least, 2,499 yuan, $400.

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