Xiaomi MI11 Snapdragon 875 Geekbench Score Unveiled

Xiaomi MI11 Snapdragon 875 Geekbench Score Unveiled


After the launch of apple’s 5nm A14 cpu, Lu Weibing fasted to hint that a Xiaomi/ Redmi 5nm phone is likewise in the jobs, no doubt describing snapdragon 875.

Although Qualcomm has not formally released the SoC, South Korean netizens have actually exposed its initial rating, based on the GeekBench 5 examination software program.

To put it simply, the Snapdragon 875 Samsung Galaxy S21 has a single-core score of 1159 and also a multi-core rating of 4090, while the Mi 11 has a single-core score of 1102 as well as a multi-core rating of 4113.

Looking back the CPU ratings of smart phones arranged by fast modern technology, snapdragon 865 Plus has approximately 980 factors for solitary core as well as 3300 points for numerous cores in GB5. In other words, the equal improvement of Snapdragon 875 has to do with 18% and 25% specifically.

To put it simply, the single-core apple A12 bionics (around 1300), and also the multi-core Apple A13 bionics (around 3400).

Given that the Snapdragon 875 is still in the last stage of appointing, consisting of the last incurable phone, this is still possible.

The tidbit additionally confirms that Snapdragon 875 includes a very large core, Cortex-A78 based on the ARM Cortex-X1 Public Version.


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