Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 Officially Releases at 99 yuan($14)

Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2 Officially Releases at 99 yuan($14)


Xiaomi has released Xiaomi MI VR Play 2 silently, which claims a new upgrading player for your smartphone, stepping forward a little, it only sells at 99 yuan, $14.

Previously, Xiaomi releases a MI VR Play version at 49 yuan, and MI VR Glasses at 299 yuan, $50, the former focuses on a player version, the latter centers on higher performance. Now Xiaomi MI VR Play 2 is the upgrading version of MI VR Play.

According to official introduction, Xiaomi MI VR Play 2 has changed to use of a single elastic nylon headband instead of adjustable straps and the removal of the zipper, bringing better and more comfortable wearing feeling, it adopts open smartphone space, more convenient for plug in or plug out, meanwhile, it is equipped with hidden ventilation port, better effect for cooling the heat. In addition, the weight of the body is light a lot.

In terms of appearance, Xiaomi MI VR Play 2 has upgraded a lot compared with MI Play, it adopts a strong elastic cotton called “dragon cloth”.It supports a 93° FOV, measuring 129 × 191 × 120 mm and weighs 183g, and it can support smartphone screen size from 4.7 to 5.7-inches with at least a 1080p resolution.
Xiaomi MI VR Play 2 will start to sell until April 19 at 99 yuan, $14. So will you choose MI VR Play or Xiaomi MI VR Play 2?

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