Xiaomi Mi A1: Fix Guide For Duplicate Contacts Issue

Xiaomi Mi A1: Fix Guide For Duplicate Contacts Issue


The Mi A1 is that the Xiaomi’s popular smartphone. it has been developed in close collaboration with Google. The Dual-Rear camera setup and snapdragon 625 SoC are the highlights of the device and it absolutely was priced at $234.88 at the time of the announcement, currently, it has got permanent price cut available for simply $219.22. people who have already own the Xiaomi Mi A1 have been reportedly facing Duplicate Contacts Issue.

That means users see the only contact displayed multiple times in their Contact application and this happens because of adding & sync various accounts like WhatsApp, Paytm, Messenger, etc. to your device. you can check image the below where a contact is being displayed multiple times.

So, if you’re one who faces the issue like this with Xiaomi Mi A1, then you can follow the below steps to fix it. it is an easy guide where every & each user can follow it. So, without much ado follow the below steps to fix duplicate contacts issue on Xiaomi Mi A1.

How to Solve Xiaomi Mi A1 Duplicate Contacts Issue

1. Firstly, launch Contacts app and tap on ‘three dots’ located at the top right corner.

2. Locate “Merge Contacts” option and tap on it. This will merge all duplicate contacts into a single contact.

3. If you still see duplicate contacts, then again tap on ‘three dots’ and select ‘Contacts to display’.

4. Here “All Contacts” option will be enabled by default in all Mi A1 devices. That means contacts from various accounts like WhatsApp, Gmail, Linkedln, Messenger, Paytm & more will be displayed, thereby becoming multiple contacts with same name & details.

5. To fix this, you need to select only one “Gmail Account” where all your contacts are saved.

That’s it! You’ve successfully solved duplicate contact issue on Xiaomi Mi A1.

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