Xiaomi BlackShark Design, Specs, Price, Release Date, Review and More

Xiaomi BlackShark Design, Specs, Price, Release Date, Review and More

Xiaomi has posted an invitation to showcase its new smartphone equipped with a 120Hz display, Snapdragon 845 or up to 8GB of RAM. It will be a special game-oriented model, and it should match the accessories. Added to the outline of the smartphone.

Xiaomi has shown other teasers in which he promotes the new smartphone before launching.And on one of them, we can see the outline of the Black Shark model, which shows the significantly rounded edges and the metal frame disturbed by the plastic caps of the antenna. On the right, you can see only one button, probably to turn the phone on and off.

Earlier speculation that Xiaomi is preparing a game smartphone is likely to be true. An invitation is now being circulated on the Internet, which the Chinese manufacturer is tempting for the upcoming model and announces the performance date of April 13th, that is Friday. According to formerly leaked information, the phone should be called Black Shark, translated black shark. The Xiaomi logo may be missing on the device, with the design being black and green. We do not know much about the gear yet, but there’s something we can find out of the frayed fragments.

Black Shark should have a 120 Hz refresh rate that we could see on smartphones for the first time last year when Razer Phone was introduced. The drive is likely to be provided by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, probably the most powerful mobile processor today. And the company should make it up to 8GB of memory and 256GB of internal storage, although a cheaper version with a 6GB RAM and a 128GB storage could also appear on the market. As an accessory, a cover with side controls will be offered, which offers a different gaming experience than the touchscreen. The operating system will surely be Google Android, but it’s not clear if the MIUI user interface will be used.
The closest competitor will be Razer Phone, which also offers a 120Hz display and 8GB of RAM. However, due to the much earlier date of launch, the Snapdragon 835 is still using the Snapdragon 835 processor. Xiaomi’s Black Shark is likely to be noticeably cheaper than the Razer Phone, and the Chinese phone maker will probably offer gaming accessories.

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