Xiaomi 20 inch Metal Travel Suitcase Universal for your Long Trips For Just $235 at @Gearbest

Xiaomi 20 inch Metal Travel Suitcase Universal for your Long Trips For Just $235 at @Gearbest


It is not surprising to see Xiaomi developing unusual objects as “smart”. The company is known for manufacturing various devices for home and everyday life, to which this feature is attached. Some examples are rice cookers, water purifiers, air purifiers, installation boxes, etc; This market, as we already know, is not the usual lines of smartphones and tablets to which we are accustomed. However, Xiaomi also excels in these categories; months ago he removed the case to a suitcase of high quality: the Xiaomi 20 inch Metal Travel Suitcase, which looks quite impressive.

It is a suitcase with a capacity of 31L that is completely made out of aluminum and magnesium alloy. On the other hand, inside is 100% polyester coated. The sophisticated metal construction gives it “super resistance and durability”. So the suitcase can receive blows (not so strong) without presenting damages. Your luggage will always be perfectly organized due to the reasonable partition for storage and its internal structure of the flexible split board.

In general, it has a weight of 4.2kg and dimensions 60 x 40 x 25cm. There is a lot of talks that Xiaomi’s metal suitcase looks a lot like Rimowa models. With the difference that the price of this is much more accessible. It also has an adjustable handle, which is soft when switching to any of the 4 levels; each one thought about the different statures of the users. At the same time, it is formed by wheels of an aeronautical aluminum alloy that gives it the characteristic of being ultra quiet.

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This is not the first suitcase that Xiaomi has produced under the brand 90 Points, but this is the first made of metal since the previous one had polycarbonate shells. It has double mechanical locks that allow entering custom codes. These have the approval of the TSA so you are sure that your belongings will be safe and you can rest easy during the trip. The double locks of mechanically coded TSA customs keep your belongings safe.

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