Voopoo Drag MAX Kit design, hands on test review

Voopoo Drag MAX Kit design, hands on test review


Can you obtain power, flexibility and also convenience in one is the question I’m inquiring about the new Voopoo Drag MAX vape package.

3 classifications which are incredibly hard to cover in one item.

Usually we have to give up power to enable a smaller sized, extra pocket pleasant system as well as on the flip-side if we want even more power, it usually indicates we require a bigger device.

The Voopoo Drag line has actually been going with a lengthy while currently. I still keep in mind the introduction of resin with their original Drag mods … Oh boy they were cool.

Naturally ever since, resin has actually been painful to see on every tool.

The Drag 2 enhanced what Voopoo started with, and after that Voopoo produced something which probably could be game-changing …

The Development Of Hull Mods and also the Drag

When the Drag S as well as Drag X sets appeared, I seemed like the case market simply got a brand-new lease of life since allows admit it, As much as skin systems are an amazing way for individuals to stop smoking cigarettes they simply got a little uninteresting and also tedious– Wow a bleedin’ big word there!

The Voopoo Drag S, and also Drag X systems were pocket pleasant tools with successfully a tank which stands out into the tool magnetically unlike the common storage tanks which have a threaded 510 link.

Both an inner, as well as external solitary battery option were offered as well as the ‘capsule storage tanks’ themselves took the PNP Coils which generally are very good.

I intend it was just a matter of time prior to VooPoo launched the Drag Max, A Twin 18650 variation of the incredibly popular Drag S/X

What Can We Expect From The Voopoo Drag Max Package?

I got the ‘Special Edition’ of the Voopoo Drag Max Kit, that includes the standard retail variation of the Drag Max Set, however likewise consists of a perfectly presented format of coils and the PNP Compatible Storage Tanks.

As beautiful as all that is, what issues is the performance, as well as will a dual battery variation be just as user friendly everyday as the Drag S and also X are?

So allow’s split on as well as see what the Voopoo Drag Max Package is all about …

VooPoo Drag MAX Video Review– Special Edition.

Inside package (Special Edition)


  • 1 x VooPoo Drag Max Standard Edition Kit
  • 1 x 2ml Pod Tank
  • 1 x 4.5ml Pod Tank
  • 1 x RTA Pod Tank
  • 8 Different Coils (Listed later in review)

Inside the Box (Criterion Version)

  • 1 x VooPoo Drag Max Device
  • 1 x 4.5ml Pod Tank (2ml TPD)
  • 1 x PNP-VM6 0.15Ω Mesh Coil
  • 1 x PNP-VM5 0.20Ω Mesh Coil
  • 1 x USB-C Cable
  • 1 x User Manual



Voopoo Drag Max Kit



  • Product Size: 122 x 50.25 x 25mm
  • Output Wattage: 5.0 -177 Watts
  • Output Modes: Smart Mode or RBA Mode (Wattage Only)
  • Output Voltage: 6.4 – 8.4V
  • Resistance range: 0.1-3.0
  • Display: 0.96” colour display
  • Dual Screen Theme
  • GENE Fan 2.0 Chip which is the upgraded chip from Drag allowing for more features to be added.
  • Battery:Dual 18650 (Not Included)
  • Charging – Via USB-C Connection at 2A
  • Drag MAX is compatible with all PnP systems (including coils and pods), so it can be a pod (with MTL coils) , mod pod and mod (with HDL and DL coils)


VooPoo Drag Max Shades

The Drag Max will originally be available in the colours revealed below:

Design as well as Develop Top Quality

I received the ‘Vintage Grey’ variation of the Drag Max and also I have actually obtained ta be honest, I believe its a lovely looking twin battery mod.

Its not especially stylish, but it looks edgy and a little laborious.

Adding an extra battery over the Drag X has certainly suggested expanding its depth, however that depth has actually enabled Voopoo to expand the leather impact running around the rear of the device, with DRAG stamped right into the leather in their common fashion.

All steel surfaces seem matte black, which with the grey leather contrasts really well.

The Voopoo Drag Max Sheathing Containers

If you haven’t used a Voopoo Pod-Tank in the past, its really simple since its plug and play, there is additionally a 510 adaptor base available and also I’m in fact fairly shocked it wasn’t consisted of in the Scandal sheet set, however they desire you to utilize their storage tanks on their devices undoubtedly …

VooPoo Drag Max Skin Tank Mouthpiece

A non-removable mouthpiece is at the top of the sheath storage tank.

As long as I hate PCTG containers, the mouth piece itself fits as well as there is an extra MTL styled capsule readily available, which doesn’t included the typical edition, yet was included with the Scandal sheet.

So if you’re intending on using this gadget for MTL, you could wish to consider the even more MTL design skin storage tank if you choose a curved mouth piece.

VooPoo Drag Max Fill Port

At the base of the Pods is a tiny rubber bung which can be opened as well as the loading port is small, bit large sufficient for most container tops whilst still leaving sufficient area for air to leave.

VooPoo Drag Max the Base

The pod-tanks all make use of the PNP push-fit coils so most of the base is used up by the coil and the filling bung.

Voopoo Drag Max Tool

The device itself has a number of functions, as well as of course extra power over its little brother (Drag S/X).

Voopoo Drag Max Top Link

Situated at the top is a recessed area where the Capsule Tank fits, its a little strange looking at initial with a huge metal ring as well as 2 tiny brass/gold plated link under it.

Display, Food Selection & Buttons

A fair sized colour display is located listed below the large round fire switch fire switch. The screen itself is clear and also fairly intense as well as shows all the usual details.

Below that are 2 smaller sized Up and Down buttons for wattage adjustment and also a few other helpful features.

When it come to Menu, there truly isn’t a lot to experience, yet If you need info on that, have a look at the Efficiency area and also ‘Fundamental Procedure’.

Voopoo Drag MaxBattery Door

Voopoo has actually gone with the pushy-slidey sort of bBattery door, which isn’t my favorite and does feel a little lightweight with no resilient feel to it. However its useful and I’ve never had a battery link problem throughout my testing.

Air Flow Control Slider

Normally the Air flow would be managed using the tank, but with the most recent Drag collection thanks t these brand-new Sheathing Tanks, the airflow is controlled via a Slider on the back of the device and will change the airflow on the two sides.

Its a smart little dial which is proud sufficient that its very easy to glide, however not also proud that its bothersome. The limitation on modification is nearly bang on also, not as well strong, not as well loose.

The Voopoo Drag Max– Total:

With the gadget and also pod-tank Created, I really like the look of it.

Also when using the larger ability 4.5 ml Capsule Containers it looks like a small system and across the board everything really feels, fits as well as looks high quality.

Voopoo Drag Max In The Hand

I truly delight in the Drag Max as a finger firer.

Your fingers wrapped around the soft leathery section of the gadget just fits nicely.

As a thumb firer, its not as comfy as well as I feel like I have to find area for my fingers … nearly like the tool feels as well tiny.

In any case its a very lightweight Kit considering its double battery. A great deal of the weight-loss comes from not having a substantial storage tank on the top, however rather a PCTG 4.5 ml container rather.

When it comes to everyday use, this is still not one of the most pocket friendly system, yes its lightweight and also seems a little shorter than a lot of dual-battery mod as well as tank combination’s, but its still larger than the Drag S/X naturally, so for convenience as well as transportability its still not like its precursors.

Just how To Load The Voopoo Drag Max Shuck Containers

The PNP case containers are relatively easy to use, press fit coils require no description, however here’s exactly how to load.

  • Remove the Pod-Tank from the Device
  • Lift the rubber bung on the base of the Pod Tank
  • Fill with your desired e-liquid ensuring a coil is installed
  • Re-fit the rubber bung so it cannot leak
  • Enable the Coil around 5minutes for it to saturate
  • Re-fit the Pod-Tank into the device


As constantly, I keep a close eye on leakages, specifically from a tank which has bottom fitted push-fit coils, as well as bottom filling.

I’m pleased to claim leaking is not a concern, simply the normal condensation build-up.

Keep a close eye on the base of the husk storage tank, and also extra significantly the leading connection of the tool.

If you see any kind of dampness, be sure to clean it up IMMEDIATELY as this build-up might damage the device.

Voopoo Drag PNP Coils

The PNP coils are substantial as well as various, from reduced resistance, high airflow Straight To Lung to high resistance reduced air movement Mouth To Lung coil.

They’re also offered in mesh, round-wire as well as ceramic.

Exactly how Does the Voopoo Drag Max Set Perform?

Fundamental Procedure

The Drag Max Kit has simple as well as limited capabilities when it pertains to its procedure, here’s the fundamentals:.

Voopoo Drag Max Food Selection

There are a handful of switch series to remember to operate this tool:


  • 5 clicks of the fire buttons will turn the gadget on and off.
  • 3 clicks of the fire button will change between Smart and also RBA mode Basically Novice and also Advanced Setting.
  • Up buttons will certainly scroll wattage Up.
  • Down buttons will scroll electrical power down.
  • Press and hold Up/Down buttons to choose between two display options
  • Fire and Up button will lock/unlock all buttons
  • Fire and Down button will reset Puff Count
  • Pressing and hold all three buttons will present Chipset ID


Most gadgets have the common Wattage/Temp Control functions and also occasionally a confusing menu.

I’m truly amazed with the simpleness of the Drag Max firmware.

What’s most excellent is the wise side of things. The split second a capsule is installed onto the device, the gadget will instantly set the power level to match the suggested electrical power of the coil.

This has actually been done prior to of course yet thinking about the vast series of PNP coils, its excellent to see Voopoo have included that feature which will actually limit people from putting too much power with their coil. Nevertheless you can still easily switch over to RBA setting as well as vape just how you like.

Voopoo Drag Max Flavour & Clouds

Well this is going to be painful … The Scandal sheet Kit features SEVEN different coils consisting of an RBA Coil. Nevertheless the typical edition does include just the two coils.

However hey, I intend to offer you people the most effective possible info so I’ve been trying out every one of them!

I have to emphasize, in order to FULLY examine them, this evaluation would possibly take a few months as in my experience, PNP coils tend to last for about 2 weeks, occasionally longer.

So instead I will just summarize on their flavour and vapour performance, along with exactly how I have actually taken pleasure in each coil.

The good news is, I have actually been enjoying the Drag X (Solitary 18650) for some time currently, so I currently have some experience with the PNP Coils.

Anyhow … Below goes!

Throughout of my screening on the low resistance coils, I was vaping on Code Red by Darkstar for the lower resistance coils, Code Red is made to a 80VG 20PG Mix.

For the higher resistance coils, I utilized them extra in a MTL style, with a 50VG 50PG Mix of Raspberry Sherbet by DripHacks.

The PNP-TR1 1.2 Ω Coil (Round-Wire)

Recommended at 10-15w the TR1 is a typical Mouth To Lung Coil. I discovered 15 watts with the air movement fifty percent open was my pleasant place. Its not the best MTL coil, however its comfortable and a relatively suitable vape.

The PNP-TM2 0.80 Ω Coil (Mesh)

Recommended at 12-18w the TM2 for me worked best at 20 watts, more than advised. A very great MTL vape with the air movement 3/4 shut. Decent flavour and a great cloud to boot.

The PNP-VM4 0.60 Ω Coil (Mesh)

Recommended at 20-28w the VM4 I spent fifty percent my time utilizing it as a MTL, and the other half as a DTL. I’m still unsure what I choose from this coil.
But its versatile that’s for sure.

Great flavour and also even more gloomy than the 0.8 TM2.

The PNP-VM3 0.45 Ω Coil (Mesh)

Advised at 25-35w the VM3 is an excellent coil for the single battery version, and also in my experience 30 watts was a good area for me.

A tepid vape, nice clouds and good flavour.


Recommended at 60-80w the VM6 is the most affordable resistance as well as greatest cloud chucker in the range.

Its additionally a battery drainer but if you want huge clouds and a flavour banger, stick the electrical power at 65w and open up the airflow up completely.

A great coil that executes much better than I believed considering its real size.


Recommended at 40-60w the VM5 is my favorite PNP coil.

It’s practically like the VM6 but calls for much less power and still produces a wonderful cloud and also great flavour.

It’s likewise excellent with all kinds of flavours.

I’ve been utilizing the VM5 coil for a great few weeks as well as have found I get 2 weeks life, plus it draws out great sweet notes on e-liquids, at 55 watts, air flow open, its an excellent coil.

The PNP-VM1 0.3Ω Coil (Mesh)

Recommended at 32-40w the VM1 was best for me at 40 watts.

This coil reminds me of the VM5 yet simply lacking a little.

It’s OK, as well as definitely an additional one which will certainly help protect battery life, yet you are regrettably giving up flavour for battery life.


The PNP-C1 1.2Ω Coil (Ceramic) – Not Included

Recommended at 10-15w the C1 is the only Ceramic-Based coil in the array.

Directly however, it does rather well.

I enjoy it at 12 watts as well as despite the Air flow wide open, its still a good limited draw. Its not the best MTL coil whatsoever, but its definitely acceptable.

Voopoo Drag Max Kit Airflow

Air movement firstly will depend on your coil choice, the limitation will most definitely vary relying on which coil you opt for.

Nevertheless, regardless on exactly how you use this device, the airflow modification is very good and likewise fairly quiet.

The air movement slider itself is also excellent, easy to use and changes the air flow on both sides of the tool, a brilliant way of doing points.

VooPoo Drag Max Battery Life

This will always go back to how much you vape, and at what electrical power.

Personally I constantly anticipate a dual 18650 battery device to last me all day when vaping at approx. 60-70w.

In general I obtain a days life at that type of wattage unless I’m having a poor day certainly or utilizing batteries which are near completion of their life.

The Voopoo Drag Max is no different, the chip is excellent at saving energy and what works best for me is the 0.2 Ω coil at 55 watts.

A days battery life no worry whatsoever with a little life for the following morning if required.

Certainly you can use the USB-C port for billing at 2 Amps and also firmware upgrades, however I highly suggest as constantly to use an outside charger for your vape batteries.

Is the Voopoo Drag Max Scandal Sheet Set Well Worth it?

If you’re brand-new to Voopoo, or maybe the Drag S/X/Max variations of the Drag then there are a couple of points to consider.

The Scandal sheet kit gives you the alternative of trying every coil consisting of the RBA as well as RTA so if you’re unsure exactly how you intend to use this kit after that you might wish to consider this.

However if spending plan is an issue, or you recognize you want this totally for a DTL vape then the Criterion Version will greater than suffice and you could spend some of that left over cash on added coils if you like?

I actually like the Special Edition Package for noticeable reasons. Everything you might perhaps require is included in the kit, however there are minimal numbers on the set so you will certainly need to act quick before they sell out.

If you’re a die-hard VooPoo fan– then you need to get this plan!

Otherwise, the Criterion Version will definitely do the job.

The below Pro’s and also Disadvantages are purely based upon the Criterion Version– ideally this will help those aiming to get the retail variation in future.

The Scandal Sheet Package is mostly add-ons which might also be sold out by the time you read this.


  • Nice Designing and really feel
  • Comfortable as Finger firer
  • Really straightforward functions
  • Air movement Slider runs wonderfully
  • Good flavour across the board on all coils
  • Plug and Play Tanks easy to use.


  • Does not have a 510 connection for other tanks
  • Condensation from Tank may cause issues without maintenance
  • Well built, but no Bullet Evidence

Final Testimonial Verdict

Can you inform I similar to this tool?

Well I do.

As an enthusiast vaper it can be simple to shed sight on just how essential simpleness as well as comfort can be.

The Drag X and also S took pod-style systems to a new level as well as the Voopoo Drag Max has actually simply added even more battery life as well as power to a currently successful concept.

I’m still not persuaded this kind of set is excellent for a brand-new vaper, nevertheless it actually does cover a whole lot of elements of vaping so I would imagine this device would certainly be a suggestion stepping rock for somebody looking to upgrade after their very first few hard months from quitting cigarette smoking.

There’s a number of features that I look at when checking out a device, and also for something to score very, it needs to satisfy particular demands.

Would this gadget be long long-term and also still work 3, 6 or even year from now?

The Voopoo Drag Max has excellent build top quality and also will certainly last right into 2021 as well as past with excellent care and upkeep.

Nevertheless this doesn’t suggest you can toss the Drag Max around.

Its develop quality is great, but I doubt it will survive numerous tough falls.

Does this tool supply the flavour, vapour as well as basic experience I need, in order to be enjoyed?

Across the board the PNP coils work incredibly well.

I have my favourites of course however no matter which coil you use, you will certainly enjoy a good vape once you get the electrical power and air flow established just how you like it.

Is the Voopoo Drag Max Kit be flexible sufficient to match a brand-new as well as seasoned vapers?

For a new vaper the Voopoo Drag Max may be a little over-the-top.

I would possibly recommend starting with the Drag S, an interior battery variation which is a lot more pocket pleasant as well as additionally has an automatic draw system.

But the Voopoo Drag Max does everything effectively, there really isn’t much that this package can’t do, particularly if you happen to grab the Scandal sheet.


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