VIOMI VDW0402 Installation-free Countertop Dishwasher Review

VIOMI VDW0402 Installation-free Countertop Dishwasher Review


There actually isn’t an item any longer that wouldn’t be a smart version, and the same is true for dish washers. A minimum of the VIOMI VDW0402 is a smart dishwashing machine with Xiaomi Home application control, extra UV disinfection and fruit washer.

It is a smaller sized dishwashing machine, gauging 443 x 467 x 441 mm and weighing 14 kg. It looks pretty good, it also has a display and also touch switch.

The VIOMI VDW0402 kitchen counter dishwashing machine has a large ability of 4-6L, 6D double-layer splashing, top as well as lower dual spraying arms, a total of 16 spraying ports to give 11000Pa very strong water stress, can realize the up and down left and appropriate front and rear full location spraying. Dual-channel water-free installation style, you can pipes right into the water, however additionally manually add water, the use of versatile and practical.

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3D blood circulation hot air drying can rapidly get rid of the residual wetness of recipes, integrated fans will certainly additionally be timed fresh air ventilation, with UV ultraviolet lasting anti-bacteria, dishes even after cleaning without prompt elimination, will certainly not reproduce germs, and can also allow the dish washer as a little disinfection closet. It additionally has a professional fruit and vegetable cleaning setting, properly eliminate pesticide deposits as well as dust, processing fruits and vegetables healthy and balanced as well as fast.


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