TwoTrees Engraver Engraving Machine Design, Features, Review

TwoTrees Engraver Engraving Machine Design, Features, Review


Made for the absolute newbie, the TwoTrees 2.5 W Laser Engraver is a terrific tool for beginning CNC learning. If woodworking is your pastime, you can use it to add attributes like rounded words and charming patterns. If you are a student just discovering CNC, it can aid you inscribe models that you are coding and creating.


the TwoTrees 2.5 W Laser Engraver has strong aluminum and also nylon, make the device more work much more secure, run and engrave better, one-piece molding, easy to set up. We offer setting up video. The full-metal framework design makes the maker more solid as well as enhances the precision of inscription. The entire structure has actually been made for fast setting up, and the assembly can usually be finished within 10-20 mins. Suitable for sculpt wood, plastic, acrylic, PCB CCL, soft metal like copper as well as light weight aluminum, as well as other products, but can not carve difficult steel, jade, and also other extremely tough texture of the items. Easy to construct as well as make use of. Just connect it to the computer, you can utilize your very own imagination to publish any kind of pattern you like, compatible with Windows XP/7/8/ 10.

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There is no space between the wheel and also the track at 90 ° as well as it is matched with the format of the triangular sheave so that the maker runs efficiently without trembling as well as has good security. TwoTrees 2.5 W Laser Engraver utilizing top quality laser head, support continual software flexible, regulate the laser strength, recognize multi-purpose. 0.01 mm high accuracy inscription, can easily publish all images. Open up framework motherboard with pins scheduled for self-development as well as matching. Exchangeable laser module can install various other components to get different laser power. 2500mW high-intensity laser, commonly utilized in various products, such as timber, plastic, paper, bamboo, horn, natural leather, sponge paper, and so on. It features a set of security goggles to protect your eyes from laser injury.

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Take control of your TwoTrees 2.5 W Laser Engraver device with offline control, supply guidebook control of your mill with no computer. We can buy it from TOMTOP at EUR118.99 and Provided from EU Storage Facility with Free Delivery.


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