That’s the Real Xiaomi MI6 Black and White Design?

That’s the Real Xiaomi MI6 Black and White Design?


Lei Jun has confirmed in the live broadcasting that Xiaomi MI6 will be released in this month. With the release date coming closer, Xiaomi MI6 design and appearance have been leaked more and more clearly.

Now a netizen has leaked a set of Xiaomi MI6 front panel glass photo, it has Black and White two colors. According to the pictures, Xiaomi MI6 doesn’t use Xiaomi MI MIX full screen design, but it uses ultra thin frame, which will be the best Xiaomi phone in those non-full screen smartphones.

There is an obvious port on the forehead besides a front camera and receiver. If there is no other issue, it should be for iris recognition, which adopts the similar way to Samsung Galaxy S8. Under the screen, it still uses Home button with semi-circular design, and two menu buttons, which have larger square. According to previous news, Xiaomi MI6 uses capacitive hidden fingerprint scanner similar to that of Huawei P10, but it can’t be pressed. But the fingerprint scanner experience is better and faster.

So Xiaomi MI6 doesn’t take the way as Xiaomi MI MIX, after all it is a flagship smartphone with large stock. It is said that Xiaomi MI6 will remove 3.5mm earphone jack to support waterproof function first. So will it still sell 1,999 yuan, $333.

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