Some Awesome and Useful, Little-Known Features of Xiaomi Phones

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Xiaomi Smartphone has always insisted on the slogan of “birth for fever”. It has long been dedicated to the purpose of creating the best device as a domestic manufacturer. It is the pride of a well-deserved domestic mobile, and Xiaomi has many ingenious functions in addition to the high-cost performance. See if you have used them before.

Eye protection mode

Now the Xiaomi Smartphones screen is getting bigger and the resolution is getting higher. If you face the phone screen for a long time will certainly cause some damage to our strength, in order to reduce the damage to the user eye to the minimum system added eye protection mode.

We will open the app drawer to enter the settings menu and continue to click [Display] option, and then click [eye protection mode], open and then continue to open the [eye protection mode] switch on the line, open eye protection mode after the screen will Slight yellow, this is a normal phenomenon.

Desktop Arrangement

Every time you uninstall or download new features, your phone’s desktop will be messy. In fact, we can press the menu to enter the editing mode and then enter the cluttered desktop, hands gently shake 3 times, the desktop is automatically arranged.

Data Recovery

When we accidentally delete photos or chats from your phone, you can find the following software in the Xiaomi App Store and use it to retrieve your lost photos and chats.

Call Quality Improvement

Open the phone settings and click to enter the [system application] list. After entering the list, swipe to find the [telephone] application and click on it. Then click to enter the [Dual Card and Mobile Network] function, and then click on the button next to [enable VoLTE HD Call] to increase the quality of the phone call.  They all features of Xiaomi Smartphones are pretty well hidden, but it’s also really easy and useful.

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