Palace Museum Mechanical Watch Launched at 7,999 yuan, $1249.

Palace Museum Mechanical Watch Launched at 7,999 yuan, $1249.


In November last year, “New Royal residence Museum” released a totally automatic tourbillon mechanical watch. The crowdfunding was released on Mi Youpin, with silver and gold colors offered. Each color was restricted to 999 items, as well as the crowdfunding cost was 5,999 yuan, $937.

Currently, the main version has been introduced with a copper crystal color pattern, priced at 7,999 yuan, $1249.

The mechanical watch also has a three-dimensional dragon relief, palace aspects, the Forbidden City 600 years, sea river cliff lines, poles of luminous reminder, dual sapphire table mirror, double hair energy storage and other characteristics.

In 2020, the 600th anniversary of the establishment of the Palace Gallery (1420-2020) will be marked with the 600th anniversary mark of the Forbidden City inscribed on guard case, licensed by the Palace Museum, and memorialized the 600th anniversary of the initial version.

The dials are embossed with five-claw dragon aspects, which are frequently located on the front of the dragon bathrobe. It is one of the most core dragon pattern in the dragon bathrobe and also the supreme glory mark of the 95th.

The watch embraces automated motion, dual hair power storage, typical wear on a daily basis can supplement the kinetic energy required by the watch, after full hair, also in the static state can additionally offer as much as 72 hrs of long effect battery life.

The dial is established with big grain ruby at 12 o ‘clock and also ruby at other points. Dual sapphire table mirror, nanoscale blue light covering enhancement. Initial layer cowhide strap, soft as well as comfortable.

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Polar solid luminous reminder, the same tip with luminous and it hollows out 2 entirely various visual results.


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