Original Prusa Mini+ Design, Specs, Review, Release Date, etc

Original Prusa Mini+ Design, Specs, Review, Release Date, etc


When it rains in Czechia, it puts. Along with a bumper update covering an updated MK3S printer (the MK3S+), a new satin spring steel sheet, Black Friday sales, as well as a tool-changey update on the Prusa XL, Prusa Research study likewise goes down the minor, but full-name upgrade to the Original Prusa Mini– the Original Prusa Mini+.


Much like the new Original Prusa i3 MK3S+, the new Original Prusa Mini+ is a rather light update, bring reliability renovations as well as minor style tweaks, however normally leaving the efficiency and user experience of the printer untouched.

Therefore, the core features of the printer include, as with the original Mini, a cubic 180 mm develop quantity, with a cantilever-style open structure style. The print head is fed by a 3:1 geared Bowden extruder, which is mounted to the printer’s framework.

Control and also procedure of the Prusa Mini+ is, once more, handled by the Prusa Research-designed 32-bit “Friend” mainboard, coupled with TMC2209 stepper electric motor motorists that, as with the larger MK3S+ printer, allow sensorless homing, 256-microstepping, and also an extremely reduced functional sound. As well as the integral farmability utilizing its RJ45 port.

The printer is probably, performance and also print quality-wise, the like in the past.

One of the most remarkable renovation to be discovered on the Original Prusa Mini+ is the incorporation of the Prusa-developed SuperPINDA, a development of the PINDA 2 inductive bed leveling probe discovered on the MK3S. The new probe does away with the built-in thermistor (made use of formerly as a measure to counter against the probe’s thermal drift), and also enhances repeatability as well as reliability, the business claims.

The SuperMINDA utilizes far better elements, and also thus is usually thought to be a remarkable tool for measuring deviances in the print bed– something lacking from the initial Mini with its smaller sized, less long lasting, and apparently much less exact mini MINDA inductive probe.

The upgrade ought to put the Mini+ approximately the requirement of the MK3S+ for its set-and-forget mesh bed leveling.

This change comes with a price though, with the fully-assembled Original Prusa Mini+ costing ~$ 472 now, over the initial Mini’s $422.

A minor modification on the Original Prusa Mini+ can be discovered under the Y-axis carriage, with new steel clips taking care of the Y-axis bearings to the carriage itself. This modification is stated to make it a little less complicated to set up, which wouldn’t appear all that vital (considering that the Mini shipped in a three-part semi-assembled state), but issues currently since the Mini+ is now likewise available as a full set.

That authentic kit-experience the Original Prusa i3 collection is renowned for has concerned the Mini+, with the company promising a similarly informative as well as easy time assembling the printer from the ground up. It’s most likely there will certainly be Haribo gummy bears.


As outlined above, a factory-semi-assembled Original Prusa Mini+ lifts $50 in price over the Mini it is replacing. This boost comes in part from the raised expense of the SuperPINDA sensor, yet likewise, the business asserts, from intricacies in pricing and also sourcing of parts as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The initial rate of $422 lingers though, tagging on to the new all-kit version of the printer.

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Launch & Availability

The Original Prusa Mini+ is offered now, slipping into Prusa Study’s product schedule overnight from its news on the PrusaPrinters blog site on November 24, 2020.

The new complete set variation of the Mini+ results from start delivering early in 2021.


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