Oneplus 6 Speed Soaring, Users Said That Oneplus 5T can Fight For 3 Years

Oneplus 6 Speed Soaring, Users Said That Oneplus 5T can Fight For 3 Years


Since Samsung S9 released at the MWC conference in end of February, several users have now focused their attention on domestic flagship models. Currently, in March, there are many flagship mobile phones will be released, as well as the Huawei P20 and Xiaomi mix 2S, which will be released on March 27th. the 2 flagship mobile phones that are close to released have received plenty of attention. after these star models, there are actually more models that deserve attention, such as Xiaomi Mi 7, Oneplus 6, and others.

The specific release time of Xiaomi 7 may be at the end of April because the previous Xiaomi Mi 6 was released at the tip of April in 2017. Xiaomi Mi 7 currently has a lot of leaks and renders, and while Oneplus 6 is currently relatively also has some. according to previous speculations, Oneplus 6 will be released should be in the month of June.

In the close to future, domestic science and technology media rumored extensively that Oneplus 6 will carry the Snapdragon 845 processor and its Antutu score reached at 276,500. thanks to the Snapdragon 845 support Oneplus 6 download speed of 4G will reach Cat.16, which is 1Gbps. In other words, Oneplus 6 will become the fastest model in the history and it’ll soon facilitate one to complete the transition from 4G to 5G.

For design aspects, Oneplus 6 also will adopt the mainstream full-screen design, however, it is uncertain whether Notch is used. In terms of materials, the OLED screen and screen share will be higher. the rear is a vertical dual camera, glass rear shell, supports wireless charging. At the same time, the iconic 3-segment buttons are retained. Now, it is unclear that fingerprint recognition module will be used in Oneplus 6. it is possible that it’ll be equipped with an under-screen fingerprint, followed by vivo X21 (to be released on March 19).

Although Oneplus 6 will be terribly powerful? several Oneplus-users have said that Oneplus 5T can still fight for 3 years. As a highly-configured model, Oneplus 5T is very smooth, whether it is watching videos or playing games. it is very popular with students and friends who are pursuing the ultimate. Now, although Oneplus 6 is about to be released? And Oneplus 5T is enough for Oneplus users.

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