OnePlus 6 Can Be Called OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 8 – Pete Lau

OnePlus 6 Can Be Called OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 8 – Pete Lau


OnePlus‘s CEO, Carl Pei, recently revealed something about the OnePlus 6. Today, in turn, he suggested that the immediate successor of the OnePlus 5T may be called OnePlus 7, or even OnePlus 8. Many manufacturers without much resistance jump over the numbering and usually not one number, but a few or even a dozen. In the first case, an example may be the Galaxy Note 7, which was the successor of the Galaxy Note 5, while in the second Huawei P20, the successor of the Huawei P10.

OnePlus also decided to do something similar, because after OnePlus 3T he presented OnePlus 5 immediately. In this case, however, it was justified, because the number 4 in many cultures – generally speaking – has a negative meaning. In Chinese also, OnePlus could not afford such harakiri. It is possible that history will repeat itself, although this time for other reasons.

Founder of the company Pete Lau on his official account on the social network Weibo released this morning a message that, translated by Google Translate from Chinese to English, is: Equal to 7 or 8 equal to it. In literal translation, this means Equal 7 or 8 equal to this. This post certainly did not appear accidentally, because the brand CEO knows how to warm up the atmosphere before the premiere of the new smartphone, although it always stubbornly deny that it does not.

Therefore, it is quite probable that OnePlus will skip the numbering again and instead of OnePlus 6, it will present OnePlus 7 or even OnePlus 8 right away – from the above one can understand that the smartphone deserves it because it will offer a lot of new ones. Interestingly, in exactly the same way Huawei explained why Huawei P10 ‘s successor is the Huawei P20 – just because of the huge jump relative to its predecessor.

If, in a few months, OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 8 debut, then OnePlus will join a fairly large group of producers who have the consistency and easily jump the numbering. Oppo (and sometimes) and ZTE also decided to take similar steps.

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