Oneplus 5 vs Xiaomi MI6 Review, Which One is Better

Oneplus 5 vs Xiaomi MI6 Review, Which One is Better


On June 11, Oneplus has released its flagship, Oneplus 5, which uses sleek metal design, adopting dual rear camera, looking very beautiful. After it is released, we have to compare Oneplus 5 with Xiaomi MI6, So today we let you which one is more worthwhile to buy.


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According to design, Oneplus 5 looks very similar to Xiaomi MI6 in terms of design, especially on the front design, although they have different screen size. But they both adopt fingerprint scanner on its home button.


On two sides of it back, Oneplus 5 uses curved design, it doesn’t use common curved edge, but a vertical edge, which makes it look upright,and slimmer, on the four curved edges, this curved line bends to the direction of the screen, which can leave space to the top. In general, Oneplus 5 has improved its combination between metal and line compared with Oneplus 3T.

In terms of back details, they are different in terms of their back camera place, and the logo places are also different, besides them, we are hard to tell them, it is worthwhile to know that Xiaomi MI6 cancels 3.5mm earphone jack, but oneplus 5 keeps it.


In design, we can see there are a lot of designing elements of Xiaomi MI5/5S, to be exact, the outlet hasn’t changed, but Xiaomi MI6 looks more sleek. Xiaomi MI6 continues to use dual glass of Xiaomi MI5, and its under glass fingerprint scanner, the main innovation is that Xiaomi MI6 uses four curved 3D glass and jet stainless mid-frame, and other new elements.

According to their comparison, two smartphones both are good, excellent in its holding feel. As for which one is more beautiful, if you like small screen, you can choose Xiaomi MI6, otherwise, choose Oneplus 5.



In performance, Oneplus 5 and Xiaomi MI6 both use Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, RAM 6GB, but Oneplus 5 has RAM 8GB. Snapdragon 835 processor is high-end SoC, based on 10nm process, Octa core design, Kryo280 bit, 2.45GHz big core, 1.9GHz small core, using Adreno 540 GPU, compared with last generation, the performance has improved 25%, supporting 4K screen, UFS2.1, Dual rear camera, LPDDR4X four channel, Cat.16 LTE.


According to Antutu test, Xiaomi MI6 has got 181,118 points, which has only 3,000 points gap compared with Oneplus 5 with 178,574 points. therefore, Oneplus 5 and Xiaomi mi6 has no big difference in terms of hardware. They are even in this aspect.



In camera, Oneplus 5 and Xiaomi MI6 both adopts dual rear camera,  Oneplus 5 uses Dual back Sony IMX350 20.0MP + Sony IMX398 16.0MP,  and Sony IMX 371,16.0MP front camera, support twice lossless zooming, the wide viewing angle has IMX398 sensor, 1.12um, supporting dual core focusing while Xiaomi mI6 uses 12.0MP +12mp and 8.0MP, besides a wide viewing angle camera, it has a new long focus camera, supporting twice optical focus, which can take the objects in the long distance to the close distance. It supports four axis OIS. It uses built in gyroscope and accelerator sensor to detect 8 direction shaking.

You can check Oneplus 5 full review and Xiaomi MI6 full review to know which one is better. But in theory, Oneplus 5 is better.


In battery, Oneplus 5 uses 3300mAh battery, while Xiaomi MI6 uses 3350mAh(typ)/3250mAh(min) battery, in general, they have same battery life, which can support at least 5 hours for one day heavy use, but Oneplus 5 may have better charging speed due to its dash charge.


Oneplus 5 and Xiaomi MI6 are both excellent flagship smartphones, but we think Oneplus 5 will have better holding feeling, in camera, Oneplus 5 will be better. But Oneplus 5 is a little expensive than Xiaomi MI6 in price, and but Xiaomi MIUI OS may be more popular in China. As for which one to choose, if you like Oneplus 5 with large screen, better camera, you can try Oneplus 5, otherwise, Xiaomi MI6 will be more competitive one at least in its price. Right now you can try Oneplus 5 6GB 64GB here and Oneplus 5 8GB 128GB herebut you can use 8% off coupon code: GBMBP at lower price.

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