Nova3D Bene4 Mono 3D Printer Design, Specs, Features, Coupon, Review

Nova3D Bene4 Mono 3D Printer Design, Specs, Features, Coupon, Review


The Bene4 Mono is Nova3D’s newest MSLA 3D printer. Like its precursor, the Bene4, it has a 130 x 80 x 150 mm print quantity and now provides faster printing times thanks to its monochrome 2K LCD display.

Possessing WiFi connection, remote control, as well as a flip-top lid, it convinces with ease-of-use attributes that establish it apart from its budget rivals.

With the budget resin market flooding in affordable designs, does the Bene4 Mono sink or swim? Continue reading for our take on this machine.


All the great children have it currently– a monochrome display. Given its name, the Bene4 Mono clearly comes from the scene. With a boosted light passage, those monochrome screens permit faster curing times as well as enhance the life expectancy of the LCD panels as a result of much shorter light direct exposure from about 500h to 2000h of use.

Equipped with a 6.08-inch monochrome display, the Mono version decreases printing time by half, contrasted to the RGB LCDs that were previously utilized. Nova3D states the Bene4 Mono to be with the ability of publishing at around 40mm/h, which is in the exact same area as the Mars 2 Pro, however slower than Anycubic’s new Mono series.

Sporting the same-sized print area as its precursor– the non-mono Bene4– the 130 mm x 80 mm print surface and also the 2560 x 1620 pixel-touting 2K screen beneath it translate to an XY-accuracy of 47 microns along with the industry-standard 10-micron layer elevation.
This places the Bene4 Mono comparable with similar-sized printers such as the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro or the Anycubic Mono in regards to granularity, as ~ 50-micron resolution has come to be the brand-new criteria for these detail-heavy printers. The Bene4 Mono strikes somewhat below the mark, yet this distinction would possibly only show up under a microscopic lense.


The Bene4 Mono features a cordless link and also can be from another location regulated. You can either send your data through Wi-fi or start a print from another location from the printer’s inner 8GB storage. This is a neat and scarcely-seen attribute on budget plan material printers that spares you from running backward and forward with a USB stick, as well as the reality that the USB slot place on the Bene4 Mono is instead improperly picked, liing at the back.

Normally, you can additionally directly manage the printer using its 4.3-inch color touchscreen.

Nova3D’s Bene4 Mono features its exclusive slicing software application NovaMaker. Getting mixed testimonials from users online, the software appears to have problem with generating sufficient assistance and also does not have the overall usability of the a lot more preferred slicers such as ChituBox or Lychee. Nevertheless, we have it from our call at Nova3D, that the business’s mono printer line will certainly quickly be compatible with the latter.


The pivoted acrylic cover is a huge plus for use. Publishing with resin often winds up in a mess, to a factor where, in time, parts of the printer will certainly be covered with half cured resin. Let’s face it; there’s no chance around it. Generally, the cover, which maintains the resin inside from mistakenly being treated due to wander off UV light, is particularly vulnerable to come to be sticky gradually when managing it with untidy handwear covers.

This is where the flip-top lid of the Bene4 Mono into play. You can turn it open comfortably with one finger without going full touchy-touchy on it– all the while not sacrificing any availability. Simple but useful. Simply bear in mind, you will require a bit of extra space for the lid to open up.

According to Nova3D, the Bene4 Mono comes with a leveling-free layout the company currently made use of on its previous resin machines. Whereas you would typically need to level the bed on similar material printers prior to beginning your first print, the Bene4 Mono comes manufacturing facility leveled and also ought to be ready to publish out of package. This minimization of pre-flight prep work could be particularly intriguing for beginners.

While customers online have actually stated that leveling certainly was not necessary, we would still advise you to inspect if your printer is zeroed-in prior to finding yourself having to scratch an unsuccessful print off all-time low of the vat.


Added features on the Nova3D Bene4 Mono consist of:

Material barrel enhancements– the metal resin barrel includes a max. fill level indication, a pouring aid, as well as little stilts that allow you put it safely outside the printer without the fear of damaging the FEP film
Extra FEP film– the barrel’s FEP sheet is a consumable. Fortunately, does Nova3D includes spare sheets that can quickly be replaced by the customer.

The Nova3D Bene4 Mono retails for ~$ 320, which is all right, but there are less costly choices around if you want to go full budgety. Nonetheless, investing a couple of extra bucks obtains you a lot of neat features, and the uptick in ease-of-use must offset it.

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The printer was launched in mid-2020, and also gradually however gradually, there have been a stream of reviews as well as client feedback, mostly on YouTube. Overall, the users seemed to such as the device and also its handling, besides the (already pointed out) little cautions of USB port positioning as well as slicer restrictions.

We are looking forward to getting a Bene4 Mono into the workplace, so remain tuned for a hands-on testimonial.


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