MIUI 13 is scheduled: Released in the Second Quarter of Next Year

MIUI 13 is scheduled: Released in the Second Quarter of Next Year


Recently, the official MIUI 12 system based on Android 11 began to push one after another, bringing a newly created animation interaction and system visual experience, and now the Xiaomi MI 10 series, Redmi K30 series and other models have taken the lead in tasting. Now, the new MIUI 13 is expected to be in the process of preparation.

According to Xiaomi Community Super Moderator Manwex, MIUI 13 will be scheduled for the second quarter of 2021. Referring to the previous release of MIUI 12, which was released in April this year, according to the version iteration, MIUI 13 is indeed likely to be released in the second quarter of 2021. However, after all, it is an iterative version update, the specific date is still subject to the progress of research and development.

In fact, there was news that Xiaomi might reveal some news about MIUI 13 at the Xiaomi Developer Conference at the beginning of the month, but ultimately no news was revealed, and the microblogging of Jin Fan, the person in charge of MIUI experience and publisher of MIUI 12, also stopped for a long time, perhaps busy with the development of the new version.

It is worth mentioning that Qualcomm will release the new Snapdragon 875 chip in the near future, and Xiaomi MI 11 debuts at the end of this year at the earliest. If MIUI 13 is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021, it means that the upcoming Xiaomi mi 11 series will not have the chance to debut MIUI 13, and will still ship with MIUI 12 pre-installed.

And what kind of upgrades will MIUI 13 have, Xiaomi official has actually mentioned some details before. It is expected that the next generation of MIUI 13 will continue to focus on animation adjustments, while evolving the super wallpaper function, such as allowing users to customize the creation of super wallpapers, and other new features.

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In terms of upgrade models, there is news that Xiaomi mi 8 and Xiaomi mi MIX 2 no longer support large version upgrades. If you are interested, you can pay more attention to the news about MIUI 13.


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