KUU Sbook M Notebook Design, Features, Review

KUU Sbook M Notebook Design, Features, Review


This note pad is developed to be reasonably thin, especially from the front look rather ultra-thin, the front appearance only less than a centimeter thick, from the back angle must be more than 2 centimeters thick, the equipment for the silver, I thought it was metal, and then research, resembles silver light weight aluminum material, however in fact is design plastic product, ought to be to save price considerations, counted as imitation steel it.

In terms of screen, the KUU Sbook M laptop computer includes a 14-inch 1366 * 768 TN screen, which feels good aesthetically. With a narrow bezel style, this laptop computer has a bezel thickness of regarding 9mm, which gives the customer an excellent watching experience with this screen proportion.

In regards to keyboard, it gives customers with a chocolate style key-board with excellent crucial responses as well as comfy feeling, still simple to kind. Furthermore, its touch variation is also larger as well as sustains a range of gestures. A little regret is the lack of a different numeric keypad, for the office or a little defective. However paired with the numeric keypad, it appears that the entire format is a bit portable and not very practical to make use of, however the keyboard has a FN composite crucial switch button incorporated with NUK LK can switch over openly in between electronic as well as English, is likewise very practical.

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The KUU Sbook M laptop is still quite expandable, with an overall of eight ports. The left side of the body has a power port, a USB 3.0 port, and an HDMI HD port, while the right side of the body has 2 USB 2.0 ports, a 3.5 mm earphone jack, a TF card slot, as well as an RJ45 network cord port. Such interface style, whether connecting individual gadgets, storage devices, video clip result design, it basically meets the individual’s typical needs.


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