JMGO SA Ultra Short Throw 7000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector Review: A Laser TV For $2500 At Gearbest (Coupon Inside)

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The JMGO SA Projector is a breakthrough in projector technology with super-close spacing. Put the JMGO SA at a distance of 20cm you can project up to 150 inch – 180 inch. This is actually a new generation of Laser TV. The Laser Smart TV JMGO SA combines the excellent Android 6.0 operating system, 4K support, high-end Hifi Speaker speaker system and 30,000-DLP DLP laser technology for 10 years of operation. With integrated Android technology, you can easily watch high-definition movies, watch live TV, live football matches in the world or play games, entertainment, learning slideshows … Both are perfect on the giant screen.


The JMGO SA projector is made of ultra-pure aluminum alloy. The front of the projector is rounded with a logo of the company printed in the middle but no less prominent. Below is a small LED indicator that indicates the status of JMGO SA. The back of the projector is equipped with a power port, basic ports such as a USB port, an optical port, an HDMI port and a LAN port.

The top of the JMGO SA projector is designed with a light bulb in the middle, the two sides are two round speakers for high-grade audio. The two speakers are covered by a cover that spins about 3/4 and the entire bulb with the speaker is protected by a metal slide. The loudspeaker cover and metal slide will close when the user turns off the projector and automatically opens when the projector is turned on. For the JMGO SA projector to work with minimal damage to high-end components, the heat sink is indispensable. The slots are located on the two sides of the JMGO SA projector. Underneath is equipped with extra slip feet for the device.


The JMGO SA projector is a projector with a super-close projection distance of only about 20cm, but the JMGO SA projection screen is up to 150 to 180 inches. This is something that today’s projectors are almost impossible to do. JMGO SA supports crisp, clear images with Full HD resolution up to 4K, the brightness of the bulb at about 2200 anis lumens, enabling the projector to perform both day and night.

The JMGO SA projector delivers vivid, sharp and true-to-life images that incorporate diffused imaging technology. This technology is best seen when users watch 3D movies. With the Quadcore processor, 2GB of RAM gives the projector a smoother, more powerful configuration. Phantom lag is difficult to meet with the intelligent projector JMGO SA. JMGO SA supports wireless users, which can be played anywhere. Sharing images, videos, documents are extremely simple.

Equipped with the latest Android 6.0 operating system, JMGO SA allows users to enjoy movies with huge HD storage, gaming, web browsing, … unlimited from the built-in application store. The projector is equipped with a surround sound system with Dolby Digital technology, which delivers true-to-life sound.

Watch horror movies … oh, afraid of someone whispering in the ear too! The lifespan of the JMGO SA projector is up to 30,000 hours with state-of-the-art Laser DLP technology. In addition, there is an attached remote for the user to control the projector more easily.


JMGO SA is a high brightness laser TV. It combines the functions of FHD TV box, HiFi Bluetooth speaker, long-life projector with low power consumption all-in-one. The OS is based on Android with ...

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The JMGO SA Projector delivers vivid, sharp and true-to-life images that incorporate diffused imaging technology. This technology is best seen when users watch 3D movies. You can buy JMGO SA projector from Gearbest at $2500 after using this coupon code: GBJUNEZT48

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