Huami Amazfit Neo Smartwatch Design, Features, Hands on Review

Huami Amazfit Neo Smartwatch Design, Features, Hands on Review


Huami launched a maverick brand-new product. The design of this watch is quite various from all previous Huami products. There is even an impulse for people to yell “Ye Qinghui”. It is the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch.

Taking a look at the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch, it seems to have actually opened up a time tunnel, which reminds individuals of the classic “little square” form in memory. For many years, the form of this retro digital watch is still loved by many people, and also it has become one. An unique trend.

Initiatives to simplify the shape as well as digital dial, hard shell, and 50M waterproof layout, and also Huami’s self-developed BioTracker ™ PPG organic monitoring optical sensor, which can do 24-hour heart rate tracking, attaining “real-time heart rate surveillance” as well as “too much heart price” Early caution, and also can realize the automated detection of arrhythmia such as atrial fibrillation, as well as the PAI health assessment system is also sustained.

You can see the shadow of retro classics on the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch, but it likewise has the wisdom of contemporary innovation. It pleases your search of retro design and also toughness, as well as will not drag the existing smartwatch in terms of performance.

In regards to pricing, the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch is likewise extremely honest. At a price of 299 yuan, you can obtain a timeless design and smartwatch experience on the wrist. The specific shape, the strong and sturdy covering, the reflective display is not terrified of the sun outside, it is simply tailored for the pragmatists who like the outdoors. Lately, the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch released, and then we will take a look at its look as well as actual experience in an in-depth evaluation.

Amazfit Neo Design & Look

The product packaging box of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch is extremely basic, with only product renderings as well as item names on the front. The front of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch embraces the style of a retro electronic watch, and also the screen is a black and white reflective screen, which can clearly see the screen display also in outdoor sunshine.

A close-up of the front of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch, you can see that there are four physical buttons on both sides of the watch body. The display is generally divided into 3 areas, the biggest part is utilized to display the moment as well as day, and both smaller sized parts are used to display certain functions and also equivalent information. The band is made of polyurethane.

On the back of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch, there are two magnetic charging get in touches with as well as a PPG sensor in the center. There is a buzzer to release a pointer sound, and also the opening close to the bottom sensor is the soundhole. Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch comes with a magnetic billing cable, which can be charged via the USB interface around.

Amazfit Neo Features

Given that outside usage is highlighted in its appearance and also style, the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch naturally likewise requires to look after outside use on the display. This time around it uses a classic black and white reflective screen that sustains all-weather display screen and has very low power usage, high presence in sunshine, as well as fluorescent backlight to light up material in the evening.

Due to the unique retro dial design, the web content presented by the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch will certainly not be as rich as other smartwatches, however it can additionally reveal some fundamental features. As an example, it can likewise sustain dial faster way functions, and also its number is large. There are up to 10 kinds, which is not inferior to normal smartwatches.

Among these features, there are common functions such as alarm as well as stopwatches, as well as day-to-day wellness exercise statistics such as heart price surveillance and action matter. It is worth discussing a moon-shaped symbol, which is the Do Not Interrupt mode setting alternative of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch, which can be changed between on, off, and clever setting through physical buttons.

Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch supports mobile phone message notice function, but it can not show the material of the notice, only the variety of alerts to be seen. You must utilize the APP of Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch to check out more detailed content as well as get additional Functions. Required to be advised that the friend APP of Huami Watch has actually now been renamed, Zepp.

Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch sustains heart rate monitoring, sleep surveillance, PAI health and wellness analysis system, as well as various other functions, but most of the feature entryways are embeded in the APPLICATION, and also the APPLICATION requires to be available to begin or watch the outcomes.

1. Sleep monitoring

The rest surveillance of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch can record deep rest as well as light rest. After the complementary rest tracking is activated, the precision of the rest tracking function of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch will be even more enhanced, and also rapid eye movement sleep (REM) will be added to the sleep data. Statistics of the size of time, the data of daytime naps will certainly additionally be videotaped.

On top of that, the rest data of the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch supports a superimposed screen of heart price information, which can combine rest status and heart rate changes to have a far better understanding of your physical problem during the night.

2. Heart rate tracking

Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch is geared up with the BioTracker ™ PPG things tracking optical sensor established by Hua Mi, which can understand 24-hour heart rate tracking. In the settings, the frequency of heart price discovery can additionally be readied to obtain various accuracy and endurance efficiency. In the APP, the heart price standing of different period is significant, which can better comprehend the physical standing of the day.

3. Workout accessory recording

Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch supports 3 sporting activities settings: running, walking, and also cycling. The feature entrances are ready in the APPLICATION. You require to glide out the feature bar on the bottom of the APP primary interface to see the related functions.

During workout, the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch will certainly assist in tape-recording speed, tempo, heart price, and also various other data, while the path data is offered by the smart phone GPS. The user interfaces of the watch will certainly additionally transform, showing exercise time, heart rate, and also speed, and there will be little features such as reminders per kilometer.

After the exercise is over, you can check out the thorough analytical results on the APPLICATION user interface. The course, rate, heart price, stride, and so on will certainly be displayed in the form of charts, which is easy to understand.

4. PAI Wellness Evaluation System

Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch sustains the PAI health and wellness assessment system. It can produce an unique health and wellness goal for each individual based upon physiological information such as an individual’s age, weight, sex, and so on. If you finish this goal daily, you can get the matching PAI vigor index.

The PAI vigor index is various from the traditional one. It makes use of step checking and also workout time to determine ratings, but integrates heart rate sensors, acceleration sensors, and so on to comprehensively record all exercises in a day. There are even details workouts, time, and strength ideas in the APPLICATION, which can make use of the fragmented time to produce the very best exercise result.

Endurance efficiency

According to the main screen, the Amazfit Neo smartwatch can last for approximately 28 days in standby setting, yet it is needed to change the detection setting to automated heart price detection as well as turn off functions such as increasing the wrist to lighten up the display.


The retro and traditional Amazfit Neo smartwatch is absolutely special in the existing market. It integrates the traditional design of retro electronic watches, plus quick functions such as sports and health preferred in smartwatches today.

This sort of external retro and interior advancement stands for the perfect combination of classic appearances and modern innovation, developing a new trend style.

Going deep right into its interior functions, Huami uses PPG sensors and also velocity sensing units to give sports as well as wellness functions that coincide as various other smartwatches. Although restricted by the screen capabilities of the screen, many features require APP to start or watch, but from the results See, the information is still exact and valid for reference; fast info such as temperature level as well as variety of steps can also bring convenience to every day life.

The function is not inferior to the products of the exact same generation, however the shape has an unique design. Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch as well as its several brothers and sis have the very same mission, that is, while satisfying the unique aesthetic needs of appearance, continue to utilize Huami Mi’s technological benefits in sporting activities and also health utilize innovation to connect health and wellness.

So, if you have a soft spot for this “retro-style”, after that it is far better to attempt the timeless design of clever “electronic watch” Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch. The rate of 299 yuan is as sincere as always, the initial electronic display experience and the sporting activities as well as health and wellness assistance that keep up with the moments can meet your search of retro individuality as well as functional features. It is far better to begin with the Huami Amazfit Neo smartwatch. Have an excellent wave of fond memories.


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