Gocomma W5 Smart Watch Phone Design, Features Review

Gocomma W5 Smart Watch Phone Design, Features Review


Gocomma W5 is a clever watch that is an Android phone with a convenient size, a nice-sized display as well as an extra muscle battery. Given that Android is operating on it, so apps can be mounted on it, SIM and also sd card can be placed into it, there is 4G, mobile web and calling, GPS, bluetooth, wifi, and so on. Much like with a phone, only it can be worn.

Nevertheless, it is likewise readily available in blue and pink. It weighs 70g as well as is reasonably waterproof. The dimension of the display is 1.54, with a resolution of 240 * 240 pixels.

It has a 4-core cpu ticking, with 1GB of RAM as well as 8GB of storage space, yet the storage can be broadened with a microSD memory card. It can likewise be utilized for calls obviously. It additionally has GENERAL PRACTITIONER as well as likewise supports real-time tracking of the wearer.

There’s likewise wifi and also bluetooth, so every little thing is readily available like an Android phone, so you can keep songs on Gocomma W5 and also pay attention with a bluetooth headset, for instance. Android 9.0 runs on it and also in concept it can additionally speak Hungarian and also applications can be installed.


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