(Exclusively) MJX Bugs 5W B5W 5G Wifi FPV 1080P HD Camera Brushless Drone Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)

(Exclusively) MJX Bugs 5W B5W 5G Wifi FPV 1080P HD Camera Brushless Drone Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Today we have a new drone from the Bugs family and in this occasion, it is called the Bugs 5 or Bugs B5W. It comes with Camara 5G Wifi that allows you to have a range of video transmission in real time to our mobile phone at 500 meters, like the Bugs 2W.

However we have as a novelty in this new drone that your camera is mobile or comes with a Gimal that allows you to move the camera from the air up and down, We also have improvements in the remote control or command, where we will have more indicators of the different states of the drone, we can know the distance and height at which the drone is, the status of the battery of the remote control and the drone, GPS status, and command license.


The drones support two-way 2.4GHz communication with a new generation of remote control device that has an improved range of up to 200-300 meters for the best flying experience. The drones are 300x275x95 mm, weighs less than 400 grams and develops at speeds up to 60 km / h.

The custom MJX Bugs 5W quad-core is equipped with a brushless MT1806 1500KV motor that provides light friction at work and reduces heat generation, emphasized by the developer. The 1800 mAh battery supports the flying of the drones for 15 minutes with one charge. The bright LED lights made night flying as easy as flying in the day. Your Bugs 5W looks cool and attractive.


Bugs 5W is amazing for experienced pilots with its advanced Brushless Motors, Built-In 1080P WiFi Camera, and 2.4 GHz Two-Way Communication technology, it means the flight will be more powerful and reliable, the image quality will be more excellent, and the control range is up to 300-500 m. Your Bugs 5W is always under control. State-of-the-art GPS system makes the Bugs 5W completely aware of its location and relation to you. It hovers precisely, moves accurately, and locks onto satellites fast.

Its 3 types of Return-to-Home (RTH) are designed to protect your Bugs 5W. The onboard 1080P 5G Wifi camera lets you see what your aircraft see, the idea for framing a spot or simply to look around and admires your surroundings after the camera is linked to the APP “Bugs GO”. Each motor is managed individually by the Electronic Speed Controllers. And the innovative auto-braking system is mounted on the ESC that not only effectively protects the motors, but also ensure the safety of flight.

The transmitter buzzer receives the voltage status of the drone will send out beep sound once the drone is in low voltage. so, your drone is always under control. The transmitter buzzer will send out beep sound once the remote control signal is weak or interference. Your flight is always safe.


The 6-axis gyroscope maintains a robust, flexible flight of the MJX Bugs 5W, available for pre-orders from the online Tomtop online store at $164.99 after using this $35 Coupon Code: HY35BW. The attractive “headless” mode completely solves the problems that arise when the pilot’s orientation is lost. GPS positioning and high-lift function ensure a carefree, steady flight.

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