Doogee Mix 4 Design, Specs, Release Date, Review and More

Doogee Mix 4 Design, Specs, Release Date, Review and More


At the  MWC 2018 in Barcelona, we have “seen” the new  Doogee V. We use the quotation mark because at the moment the smartphone was only a  prototype and we do not know when it will arrive with certainty. However, in the meantime another new model has made people talk about themselves, that is the Doogee Mix 4. The reason? A  sliding body that knows of the future as well as of the past.

While the most traditional manufacturers on the market continue to rely on the security of the same design as their predecessor smartphones, Chinese companies are starting to grow by offering innovative features and great differentiators to stand out from the crowd. While VIVO maker introduced the first smartphone with the biometric reader on the screen this year, another Chinese company should achieve another great achievement: producing the most screen savvy mobile phone.

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After the device leaked into 3D rendering giving an overview of the Doogee idea, we now have the first images of what the device will look like with its final finish. In the mockup featured in the video below, YouTuber Arun Maini introduces us to the body of Doogee Mix 4 and talks a bit more about how the smartphone will work with practically no borders.

As previously seen, Mix 4 will feature the greatest screenplay ever presented so far: incredible 97% of the front panel will be the screen. In order to have access to the front camera, speaker for calls and sensors of proximity and luminosity it will be necessary that the user drags the screen down, as well as in the old mobile slides of the years 2000.

Doogee also says that this will be the smartphone with the best AMOLED panel of all time, so we will have to wait until the official launch to see if it will be, or not, so revolutionary.

Because it is a mockup, we do not have hardware and software information, but if the device is still running in 2018, it is very likely to come with a Snapdragon 845 processor, at least 4 GB of RAM, and at least 64 GB of storage. The company has already confirmed that the device will have a 5.99-inch screen and will bring an AMOLED panel.

There is no forecast yet for the official release of Doogee Mix 4, but as the manufacturer announced two models of the Mix line last year, one during the month of June and another during the month of December, maybe the same logic can be applied to Mix 4, which was to be presented only later this year.

But remember they are just rumors! More official information should emerge over time. In the meantime, take a look at the video and tell us what you think of the idea? Would you buy the Doogee Mix 4? Leave your opinion here in the comments.


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