DOHIKER Y1 Electric Bike Design, Features, Review

DOHIKER Y1 Electric Bike Design, Features, Review


Why trouble pedaling when your bike can do it for you? Introducing the DOHIKER Y1 Electric Foldable Bike! With its high capacity rechargeable battery, this zippy bike hybrid can travel for approximately 60 kilometers off of a solitary charge. The DOHIKER Y1 Electric Foldable Bike is a lot more than a toy. It can make the best method to travel around the city! When it’s not in use, you can fold the handlebars down to ensure that they rest against the bike’s body, your car’s height account – great if you require to carry your electrical folding bike on and off public transport.


Dohiker has likewise seen to it that the Y1 awaits any weather the big city can throw at it. It’s ranked to IP54 on the Ingress Security scale, meaning that no dust can damage its electronics and also it’s entirely waterproof versus effective sprinkles or jets of water. Caught in a downpour? That’s no worry for this outstanding electric folding bike! The DOHIKER Y1 is a collapsible electrical bike, with which you can cause quite a mix at the campsite, for example. On small 120 x 22 x 68 centimeters folded, the e-bike can be stowed in pretty much any type of trunk.

The electric bike can additionally be comfortably positioned in the corner at the workplace, in the workplace. With a weight of 21 kg, it is also not a heavyweight and also can be rollovered brief ranges. The maximum tons ability of the DOHIKER Y1 is consisted of 120 kg. In contrast, this is an optimum of 100 kg for numerous various other e-bikes. The bright LED headlight and also taillight are outfitted for even more safety and security and also make it safer for evening driving. This style could substantially minimize the event of accidents. Front and also rear disc brakes provide even more control and also more trustworthy stopping.


The DOHIKER Y1 is powered by a 350 Watt electric motor, which consequently by a 10AH 36V battery is powered. The battery is not removable but is firmly incorporated right into the central pole. The range differs depending upon the driving mode between 34-35 kilometers (Pure Electric) and also 50-60 kilometers (Pedelec). In addition to both electrical riding modes, the bike can be driven simply by pedal pressure. The maximum speed is 25 kilometers per hour. The battery is fully billed within 5-6 hrs.

The bike ends up being central by means of one shock absorber spring. This makes the DOHIKER Y1 suitable for short trips over irregular terrain. Even dampness does not trouble the bike, due to the fact that after the Level of security IP54 the electrical bike goes to the very least secured versus rain. Allow a brief stopping distance disc brakes which are found here on the front and also back wheels. A lit up brake light indicates the stopping procedure. One LED headlights below the handlebars likewise make night trips feasible. For one Intruder DOHIKER also dealt with it. The e-bike can just be started with the best trick.

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The DOHIKER Y1 E-bike can be conveniently folded up to conserve even more room for storage. The collapsible head style is also excellent for hassle-free transport. The elevation of the saddle is flexible, you can freely change the height as needed. We can buy it from Gearbest at $465.00 in Flash Sale and ship it from PL Storage facility.


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