CUBOT P20 Design, Specs, Release Date, Review and More

CUBOT P20 Design, Specs, Release Date, Review and More


The Chinese seem to finally be in a deep sleep. After a long break was announced several smartphones from various brands, and this time turn the dockyards which are well known in our region – CUBOT. Not surprisingly this is a device that copies iPhone design X and Huawei P20 to a good extent. And we’re not talking about it just for the Notch, there are other similar details. Get to know the Cubot P20.

For a brand that has successfully skip last year’s “S8” trend, we must admit that all this seems strangely weird. As if they wanted to make up for everything from last year so they decided to copy two devices at once – the iPhone X and the Huawei P20. The very fact that they could not conceive of a more original name than the “P20” is a bit worrisome. Look at that camera on the back – so at least they turn a little differently or something. But well, unlike these two flagships, the Cubot P20 should be very inexpensive. We have to warn them that this is just rendered, and if it is judged by last year, it is very easy for Cubot to lie on the thickness of the frame around the screen. After all, look at our article: Do you and your son Cubot? Unnecessary lies of Chinese manufacturers.

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Hardware surely will not surprise anyone because it is a combination that has been seen countless times. Not all details are available because the phone is not yet fully featured but you can count on the following:

  • 6.18 “Full HD + screen ratio of page 19: 9
  • MediaTek MT6750 processor (8 x 1.5 GHz)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB internal memory (+ microSD)
  • Double 20 MP + 2 MP rear
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • 8.5 mm overall thickness

We like a few details. First of all, a large 4000 mAh battery, but also the fact that despite the large battery the overall thickness is not over 8.5mm. Also, unlike the recently announced Elephone A4, the Cubot did not invent warm water and the screen ratio is 19: 9. This means there should be no problem with classic content at an 18: 9 ratio. As far as the processor is concerned, the choice is somehow expected. Not bad, but if you are a gamer because of Full HD + resolution this will definitely not be the device for you.

That’s all we know so far. Price and date of release are not yet mentioned. The middle of this month is the Asia World Expo, and since Cubot has already confirmed its presence, it is almost certain that more details will be known at that time. The “Notch” phones are obviously in fashion, but the success of this device will not depend so much on “fashion” as it is at a good price. You also need to see how much Cubot lied on these renders in relation to the thickness of the frame.


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