Creality UW-01 3D Printer Design, Features, Review

Creality UW-01 3D Printer Design, Features, Review


A material 3D printer develops unattainable information contrasted to FDM 3D printers. Nevertheless, it is recognized that post-processing the finished models can be rather laborious. Exactly to resolve this problem, Crealitly now brings the Creality UW-01 3D Printer Wash & Curing option on the marketplace!


This well-rounded Creality UW-01 3D printer has a print volume of 20 x 20 x 20 centimeters and can be converted into a CNC milling device or laser engraver within 30 secs. The durable framework is made from commercial light weight aluminum for stable prints with a smooth as well as basically smooth finish. Appropriate for comprehensive 3D productions of PLA, ABS, and also TPU filaments as well as laser inscriptions in timber, paper, plastic, as well as natural leather. The high-quality v-slot account of the printer ensures a peaceful print and also a longer life. Furthermore, you can conveniently expand the functions of this 3D printer by including brand-new components as well as updates.


Simply place your ended up model in the offered container loaded with a cleaning agent (e.g. resin cleaner) and also start the hassle-free washing procedure. For clients that have an LD-002R/ LD-002H printer, there is an added attribute! The system can be gotten rid of directly from the LD-002R/ LD-002H and placed on Wash & Treatment maker to stay clear of contact with uncured resin as long as feasible. In addition, the height of the holder is flexible so that you don’t need to load the container entirely. After the cleaning process, you can merely shut the container and also keep it for the following clean. The Creality UW-01 3D printer has a very large cleaning container with which you can additionally cleanse bigger versions.

After the cleaning procedure, the product can be switched to UV healing. With many 385nm and 405nm wavelength UV lights, you can heal the completed model quickly as well as conveniently! A revolving platform ensures a 360 ° UV treatment to ensure that your masterpiece is cured of all angles.

The touch button makes it possible for a really simple operation. This enables you to conveniently switch between laundry and also remedy mode. Optionally, you can likewise establish the time as well as speed, how long as well as exactly how fast the maker should wash or cure. The special cover filterings system the UV light and prevents feasible damage from the UV light. The product is also outfitted with a safety feature that automatically turns off the UV lights when you get rid of the cover.

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The Creality UW-01 3D Printer is not just gorgeous to look at but also a top quality selection! We can buy it from Gearbest at $145.99 by utilizing Coupon Code: GBCRUW01 in Flash Sale.


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