BMAX S13 A Laptop Design, Features, Review

BMAX S13 A Laptop Design, Features, Review


BMAX, a Chinese supplier that has actually been attracting our focus, has launched a 13.3-inch clamshell notebook, the S13A. I have actually examined the 11.6 ″ convertible 2 in 1 “BMAX Y11” as well as the 14 ″ clamshell note pad “BMAX X14″, both of which I found to be excellent quality products for the rate. 13.3” is the “imperial roadway” dimension for mobile notebooks. We can just wish for an extremely cost effective BMAX item!

The OS is Windows 10, and while good sense would determine that it ought to be the House version, both the Y11 as well as X14 that I examined in the past had the Pro version mounted. The OS is Windows 10, which should be the Home version, but both the Y11 and also X14 that I examined in the past had the Pro version set up. I don’t doubt that this is slightly questionable, but no malicious software application was spotted, and also there was no problem with activation.

The CPU is a Intel N3350, not an N4000. Hmm, simply a little let down here. As far as I understand, all BMAX laptops and exchangeable 2 in 1sts use the Gemini Lake 4-core N4100 (N4120), but the S13A utilizes the 2-core N3350 regardless of the Gemini Lake generation. Although it can be used for light work without any problem, the N4000 and N4100 will change the usage experience “to the level that there is a difference in experience”.

Like various other BMAX products, this S13A has an M. 2 port under. However, considering that it currently contains a 128GB SSD, it can be “changed” but not “increased”. So, if you actually wish to use a larger capacity SSD, it will be a bit problematic to change the OS.

The display is a 13.3-inch IPS LCD with FHD (1,920 x 1,080) resolution. In terms of numerical values, the screen is of an unblemished requirement, as well as in our past experience of assessing actual gadgets at Priceboon, we have located that the screens of BMAX items have great colors as well as other attributes, as well as are of enough high quality for items in the low cost array. Nevertheless, this display does not sustain touch.

The input and output ports are a little bit lacking, as well as I would have enjoyed with another USB port or two. Even with this configuration, you can link a mouse or use a USB flash drive without any problems.

I think the BMAX S13A succeeds for its price variety, yet its size of 317 mm is a size that you don’t see in several 13.3-inch mobile notebooks these days, although this was normal about 3 years earlier. Also, the size is straight related to the thickness of the screen bezel, which likewise impacts the design of the product.

I believe this photo looks a little bit ornamented (significance that the image has actually been refined to make the chassis look attractive), however not way too much. Oh, you indicate the bezel width. According to the supplier’s information, the left as well as appropriate bezels are 15 mm broad, so it’s not that narrow a bezel for today’s mobile note pads. Nevertheless, it’s much nicer than having the photo heavily decorated. And it’s a low-end item.

This is the leading panel, with the BMAX logo. The shade of the instance looks a little bit dark gray. Banggood states it’s made of ABDOMINAL, while the producer’s literary works states it’s made of aluminum. In my experience, I’ve always appreciated the premium quality of BMAX products, yet what about this item?

This is a keyboard. Naturally, it’s in English just, with a solitary row to the right of the Enter key. The backlight on the Bmax X14 does not appear to be equipped.

This is the format of the side panel and input/output ports; there are only 2 USB ports, however they are Type-A, which is convenient for connecting peripherals.

The cost is readied to be fairly reduced contrasted to various other BMAX products. Likewise, the prices of Chinese notebooks have actually been progressively raising just recently, and apart from the CHUWI HeroBook, which has an ingrained Atom CPU, it’s the most affordable rate I have actually seen.

The CPU model number (Celeron N3350) that I grumbled around in the article likewise makes sense when you see the cost. I assume it would be tough to use this product as a major maker for our visitors, but if it were to be used as a sub COMPUTER for residence use or for taking with you, I believe it would certainly be really useful, and I believe the truth that it is wallet-friendly is extremely significant.


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