Artillery Hornet 3D Printer Design, Specs, Features, Review

Artillery Hornet 3D Printer Design, Specs, Features, Review


This fashionable looking yellow fellow is the brand-new Weapons Hornet, the third 3D printer to come out under the Weapons name. The Artillery Hornet follows its older (and also just as silly-named) siblings out of the hive, the Sidewinder X1 and the Wizard, however looks to be a little various.

Not just does this point look all amazing and fancy, it also loads some intriguing features right into and also onto that bright little body. There’s a top-mounted Z-axis motor, a new filament owner, saucy looking air travel adapters, a 220 x 220 x 250 mm print volume, and also Artillery has also created its very own mainboard for this one.

So, that’s this printer for and what is Artillery attempting to achieve with this brand-new item? Permit us to outline what we know up until now.



Certainly. Simply consider it. The stylish looking intense yellow Hornet looks fantastic contrasted to the substantial bulk of 3D printers available, like the outcome of an audacious little love-in in between a Sidewinder X1 and also a Lamborghini. Hey, there ain’t absolutely nothing wrong keeping that.

Of course, it’s no good looking this excellent if you carry out like trash, so this style immediately puts the pressure on the Hornet to carry out. There are high expectations currently and time will certainly inform if it meets them, however it’s great to see a 3D printer at the very least trying to add a bit more aesthetic phwoar to process.

Possibly one of the most interesting piece of technology that jumps out at us with the Hornet is its Weapons Ruby 32 bit mainboard. Few technical details have arised regarding the internal mainboard just yet, but Weapons has revealed to us that this is an action designed to assist it have higher control over its products’ future advancement.

According to Artillery, a self-developed mainboard was always part of the plan, right from its first enter 3D printer manufacturing. Whether it creates a noticeable result right now in the new Hornet is vague, however Artillery appears to be wagering that this is the right roadway to walk down for its future productions.

If you were to elegant updating your hot end to a real-deal E3D v6, you could. The brand-new Artillery Hornet is perfectly suitable with the official E3D part. Just how very easy the component will be to change is something we can’t talk about yet, however a minimum of for now, we understand it’s feasible in the first place.

With the typical nozzle geared up, Artillery says it’ll heat up to the temperature level you ask of it in less than 3 mins.


At 220 x 220 x 250 mm, the Weapons Hornet’s develop room is precisely what we would certainly intend to see on a contemporary budget plan 3D printer.

To give a little context to the numbers, the Hornet matches both the Creality Ender 3 as well as the fellow Weapons relative the Brilliant to the millimeter. Nonetheless, it obtains definitely nowhere near the Sidewinder X1’s 300 x 300 x 400 mm. So if amplitude is what you’re seeking, the Sidewinder X1 will certainly remain your Artillery piece of selection.

The construct plate itself is one of Weapons’s own, and also it’s claimed to be able to heat up to 80 ° C in a touch under three minutes, suggesting you should not need to wait too lengthy to obtain printing. Ideally, this print bed warms a little bit much more uniformly than the Sidewinder’s.

Yeah, this isn’t typically something we would certainly make a note of, but viewing as the filament holders on both the Sidewinder X1 as well as the Wizard were so roundly hated, we assume the inclusion of this ordinary filament owner will go down much better.

One more interesting thing to keep in mind below is that the Hornet utilizes a Bowden extruder, whereas the Sidewinder X1 as well as Wizard designs both use direct drive extruders.

Seeing as the Artillery Sidewinder X1 had some concerns with Z-axis wobble, it’s weird to see that Weapons has installed the Z-axis motor high up on the framework of the brand-new Hornet. It’s not an especially common arrangement to have, as well as we’re not also wise on what the prospective advantage would certainly be. Below’s wishing the frame is strong.

It truly does look as if Artillery has actually decided to utilize some aeronautics ports on this Hornet. They’re cool, clean, strong, and really unlikely to find undone, however they might make identifying an issue difficult in the future. Is it the printer? Is it the cable? Is it one little wire inside the cord? Even House can battle to identify with these cable televisions. Still, they do look great.


We’re unsure precisely what the Weapons Hornet will certainly cost yet, and also there’s been no main announcement yet made on the cost. We would certainly be amazed if it exceeds the Wizard’ ~$ 300.

Release Day & Accessibility

Weapons plans to introduce the Hornet throughout the Single’s Day buying event, which takes place today– November 11, 2020, to be specific. So not also lengthy to wait if you’re particularly intrigued by it.

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Artillery has actually claimed that it is aiming this printer at the education and learning market. Whether it is colleges or idle hands in requirement of a brand-new printer or project that will certainly break it up remains to be seen (though we sense it will be the last.).


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