Xiaomi MI6 Confirms No 3.5mm Earphone Jack for Waterproof Function

Xiaomi MI6 Confirms No 3.5mm Earphone Jack for Waterproof Function


Since Apple ditches 3.5mm earphone jack on its iPhone 7, other Chinese manufacturers also want to take the same way, as for why they ditch the earphone jack, they have their own reasons, for example, Letv wants all digital audio, Apple wants to improve camera, Taptic engine and waterproof function, even someone says for lighter and thinner design.

There is news leaked from last year that Samsung Galaxy S8 is considering removing 3.5mm earphone jack, but they haven’t made decision well, today Samsung Galaxy S8 will be released, let’s see the final truth. But Xiaomi MI6 as Xiaomi upcoming flagship has confirmed to ditch 3.5mm earphone jack.

According to latest news from a blogger on Weibo, Xiaomi MI6 will still use USB Type C port, which can confirm that its earphone jack will be ditched. Meanwhile, we can confirm real reason is for Waterproof function. And he also leaks an image to show adding a USB Type C/3.5mm adapter and then connecting the traditional earphone on Redmi Pro. As for why not use Xiaomi MI6 to show this function, it is said others don’t want him to take photos to show in public. Meanwhile, he said Xiaomi MI6 has decent appearance.

As for the real reason about Xiaomi MI6 without using 3.5mm earphone jack, adopting waterproof function is one of the reasons. Let’s wait for Lei Jun’s final answer. By the way, others have leaked some new features of Xiaomi MI6 such as ceramic body, iris recognition, wireless charging, now this waterproof. Stay tuned.

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